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    • I'm no judge but when it comes to mastering, as long as the loudest part of your song is limited to at least -3 dB. It should be acceptable. But if your song is -16 dB at the loudest point then that'll probably be too low. 
    • This is a lot of information, thanks to everybody for sharing their opinions, I noticed that you were mostly focusing on orchestral libraries, but which ones do you recommend for synths and electronic sounds? Again I'm just gathering info because at the moment my economy doesn't allow me to spend on instrument libraries (yet). I don't consider myself a total noob when it comes to music, but "professionally" producing a track is something that I am new to. My biggest worries are like I stated before, getting good sounds, and then learning to equalize/masterize. I don't know any of that either, and don't know where to start haha. Here's something mine, not totally finished but was done in garageband and now I just changed instruments in logic to see how it sounds. Actually there's both versions in sound cloud, garageband and logic.  For example here, I would love better saxophone sounds.    
    • Ah, no source link, alas. I know you mention it in the OP, but it does help linking the source for us. Normally that's a straight requirement to get an eval, but since I've just been listening to that source I'll give it a go, anyway. Just a heads up for the future. EVAL Nice performances, great deep tone to the guitar. I like your style, and I think the track shows that you have the technical and production chops to pull off whatever you want, here. There are a few things that I should point out, though. The track overall suffers with the levels of reverb that you have layered on everything, which makes it sound muddy. Tone down the reverb and your guitar will sound tighter, more powerful. I can see that you changed the harmonies up a bit from the source. I can see that working, but the chords you settle on are not quite right. At 1:23 you've settled on playing power chords over that first note, but in the source (and in this arrangement, as well) the note that's one step lower is the key that the track is in - that first note was a neighbor tone. This makes the 1:23 - 1:54 (and similar sections) very difficult to get through. Changing harmonies from the source can work well, but drop the harmonies in those sections a whole step or else everything will sound off. 2:55 has a part in the background that's not meshing with the rest of the track. It corrects itself in a measure, but that decorative guitar part doesn't sound correct. It's going in the right direction, but I think the arrangement needs a few tweeks in the harmonies used from time to time, and a careful look at what guitar licks harmonize well with the lead and what doesn't. It's probably 85-90% great with 10-15% being tough to listen to due to being off key, so it has potential to be pretty sweet. Also, be sure to tone down on the reverb and I could see this doing well on the panel. Good luck!
    • Still pleeeeenty of time! Put me down for Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2: Ancient Mystery please.
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