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  2. Considering how great the series' soundtracks are and we didn't get a new remix since 2009, I think it could be nice to produce another (set of) mix(es) for this awesome franchise. I know I'd like to do an arrangement of "Destiny Begins [Episode 1]" from Panzer Dragoon Zwei myself. Unfortunately, I have lots of trouble writing a MIDI to prepare the ground, so I'd like to know if anyone out there would be interested in helping me sequencing one -- and perhaps collab on the mix eventually, if you want to :3 Thanks in advance!
  3. All right, that leaves us only 7 claims, of which 3 have WIPs. Time to get dangerous. Next check-in will be Saturday, April 15. I need to have some sort of WIP from everyone at that point. Anyone from whom I haven't heard any music at all will be dropped. I will also continue to accept new claims. If you had one and it got dropped, I need a WIP from you to accept your claim back again. If, after that April culling, but with any new additions, there aren't at least 6 claims remaining on the board, I'll suspend the whole project unless folks express an interest again.
  4. Fan made final fantasy songbook for piano trios and Quartets For Final Fantasy's 30th Anniversary I'll Spearhead the Project. here's what I was thinking: If anybody here Uses Scorewriting software Presonus Notion 6, feel free to contact me(so we can pass Ideas back and forth, come up with new stuff and put together a printed and or digital scorebook Commemorating Final Fantasy's 30 years). Contact Me(either PM or email): Here is a complete Work in Progress playlist for Volume 1:
  5. alright so uh dispensing the whole academic speech shtick I'mma get right to it: Life is happening and neither I nor Hylian appear to have time for it at this moment ssoooooo it's going on official hiatus (won't give up on it everrrrrrr). I would also like to say to everyone that showed interest and worked on this project with us in one way or another up to this point: Thank you very much, I'm sorry things got borked along the way but I encourage you to work on your current or future pieces you had planned to do for Archaeologist's Journal and put them up for judging on OCR, good luck and have a Merry Christmas.
  6. Boom. It's less of a WIP and more on the "complete" side of things, though. I just want to humanize a few parts and touch up some of the articulations. Maybe clean up the mix a bit - it all sounds reasonably clean to me, but there's always room for improvement(in which I'll probably enlist the PYGR boards).
  7. I've updated the timeline to be MUCH more realistic: teaser tracks on X-mas 2016 and the full album on Nov 17, 2017. I feel like a full release is easier to work on and complete than a rolling release schedule. How's everyone doing?
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