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  2. Got a really nice WIP shaping up from Moiré Effect, I'm pretty hyped about getting it in here! Might be a good opener. Please note that the next check-in deadline is just 3 weeks away! If you haven't sent me anything since the last checkin, now's the time to crack down and get it done!
  3. Also, It would be also cool if we can attempt to make it sound like these, heck, I don't even mind adding segments of those songs into the valfalk theme as well
  4. All these tracks and no Andross track yet.....Wow.... I can try to remix the SNES portions (Can I skip one and go to 2?) But....I have three tracks already (Clipped Wings-solo) Scramble-Collab) Cornerian Hall of Fame (Collab- What's left to do for this one?)
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  6. Hm, this might be interesting, might snatch a claim if it starts rolling again
  7. Hello. I'd like to join. How much tracks allowed to remixer? Any info about deadlines or genre?
  8. Well, Apex 2017 is not happening, so I'm shuttering this for now.
  9. Hey ya OC-Remixers! My name's Fabian Rastorfer and I'm the founder of Fabraz, the dudes behind Slime-san! Slime-san is a fast-paced action platformer about a slime that got swallowed up whole by a giant worm! Your goal is escape its innards, finding other survivors along the way, back out its mouth into freedom! It currently features 100k+ players on Steam and is coming to the Switch, Xbox One and PS4 in the Summer! The game features a KILLER chiptune soundtrack made out of 20 tracks. The composers involved are: Adhesive Wombat, Meganeko, Tiasu, FantomenK, Inverse Phase, Kubbi, Lumena-tan, Michael Miller, Mischa Perella, Saad Akter Ali and Carl Clark! Quite the all-sat team, ey? You can sample the soundtrack in this video: Youtube Or just give it a listen on Spotify! Here's where you, OCRemix, come in: I'd like to make an official remix album! One or two remixes for each track in the playlist. Claim your track and I'll provide you with the relevant file and add you to the list below. Mighty Mama (Ear)Worm - Richard Gould - 3:58 (Unclaimed) Mixtapeworm - Adhesive Wombat - 0:55 (Unclaimed) Slumptown Shuffle - Mischa Perella - 1:47 (Unclaimed) Slimy Success - FantomenK - 1:45 (Unclaimed) Wormhole - Adhesive Wombat - 1:39 (Unclaimed) Hit the Slime Note - Meganeko - 1:08 (Unclaimed) Instrumental Intestine - Kommisar - 1:33 (Unclaimed) Organ Donor - Mischa Perella - 1:50 (Unclaimed) Akiha-Worma - Meganeko - 1:13 (Unclaimed) Brain Beats - Tiasu - 1:31 (Unclaimed) Old Worm and the Sea - Lumena-tan - 1:32 (Unclaimed) Acid Trip - Mischa Perella - 1:57 (Unclaimed) Heart Trebbles - Kubbi - 2:25 (Unclaimed) Woodwinds - Adhesive Wombat - 1:50 (Unclaimed) Birdie Breakdown - Carl Clark - 1:04 (Unclaimed) Uvula’s Groovula - Inverse Phase - 1:49 (Unclaimed) Red Shadow’s Revenge - Saad Akter Ali - 2:14 (Unclaimed) Slime Crisis - Meganeko - 1:48 (Unclaimed) Tequila and (S)lime - Michael Miller - 2:04 (Unclaimed) Once the remix album is complete, I'll provide a unique website, cover art and download link for the entire internet to enjoy. What do you guys say to that? The entire team would be ecstatic to see what magic you guys can whip up!
  10. @OceansAndrew Gotcha. When I have said pitch ready I'll hit you up about it. @Thirdkoopa I'm down with it, LOL. You got it though fam, I'll hit you up on May 4th as well, just to see if you have a concept.
  11. Here is Stage Intro
  12. Rebirth of the Crystal: A Final Fantasy IX Oratorio....ReBoot(RECRUTING PEOPLE TO BE ON THE beginning PROJECT CORE TEAM): English Lyricist Concept Artist Orchestrator Arranger #2 People I Have: Latin Lyricist: Ian Martyn *note: the Orchestrator and arranger 2 must be able to Work in Notion 6 & Studio One 3. Contact me if interested:
  13. Inventive arrangement here with plenty of sfx used to spice things up. I have two issues with this one, the sidechain gets a bit too aggressive at some points, and the main melody disappears behind some of the noise/airy sfx. Regarding the arrangement I'm very happy the remixer took a lot of care in the mangling and splicing of the chemical zone theme and wasn't just happy with playing the source verbatim over the new edm base, which is something you hear often in the remixing community. Regarding the production, besides the issues mentioned above, it all seemed pretty clean and well-crafted. You gave everything its own space, drums were coming up crystal clear and punchy. Overall great rendition of this classic theme in a style that I can't really place in any other edm genre, but that likes to bounce between dubstep, future bass, complextro, and others. Good stuff. YES
  14. 3. completed

    I dunno, the second edit kind of sounds... Off. More off than the first one. But the first one was pretty good. You used some pads or something from :44 to the end basically on the first edit, but they weren't in the second one and I'm questioning why. I kind of liked the first one better, even without the panning and stuff. Try adding some reverb on things. Not too much. But not too little. It just sounds kind of dry in my opinion. I'm no professional, but this is just my thoughts and observations lol.
  15. I feel like I've judged multiple tracks with this same source in the past year or so. Seems to be a popular one? A bit depressing for my taste, but then again, I've never played the game. Anyway! Definitely feeling Gario's & MW votes above. Right off the bat, this is very cover-ish on the piano, with some backing elements and a bit of rearrangement thrown in. He makes a good point as well about getting everything in the same sonic space. If you can't route each item to the same reverb (for example, due to built-in verb on the samples or something), then you'll have to put some additional effort to unify the spacing on the various elements. Good start here, but would need more development, arrangement expansion and the aforementioned production love to be a pass from me. NO resubmit, please
  16. Hi All! I need Somebody to help me arrange the track "Who You Really Are" as an end to my BBC Sherlock Medley For Violin & Piano. here is what it sounds like: Contact me at with the subject line Sherlock Season 4 (The Final Problem) Who You Really Are if interested for more info.
  17. The theme is challenging, which is why I figured there haven't been many remixes made of it yet (most people are doing the simpler battle themes, I've noticed, cuz even the main legendary theme is getting ignored ). If you think those instruments work better I say go for it! Mine were all just suggestions to give an example, but you're free to use whatever you think works better. If you do end up doing this I'd love to hear it! =D
  18. Considering how great the series' soundtracks are and we didn't get a new remix since 2009, I think it could be nice to produce another (set of) mix(es) for this awesome franchise. I know I'd like to do an arrangement of "Destiny Begins [Episode 1]" from Panzer Dragoon Zwei myself. Unfortunately, I have lots of trouble writing a MIDI to prepare the ground, so I'd like to know if anyone out there would be interested in helping me sequencing one -- and perhaps collab on the mix eventually, if you want to :3 Thanks in advance!
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    You need to make sure and post the source material the remix is from. It could be the reason you've not had any feedback thus far. The synth that comes in at 0:24 feels too static to me. Try to make the patch more interesting and animated. It doesn't have to be a lot, just some form of movement. I also feel that synth is a tad too bright and is clashing a bit with the second synth that comes in at 0:48. Maybe filter out the highs a bit more. I think if it's softer it'll sound more spooky as well, which would compliment the Silent Hill feel. It definitely sounds spooky later on with that strange chanting in the background. I love that. I really like the percussion you have going on but at the moment it feels a bit flimsy and lacks impact. The overall progression feels a tad repetitive. I found it hard to stay interested right through to the end. I don't know the source material so i can't see if there are any other movements you could rearrange and work into your remix. It feels like it needs to build up to something more rhythmically energetic or generally louder because it's kinda going at the same pace throughout i feel. Maybe bring in some louder strings for a climax. Overall i really like the vibe though! You've definitely captured the Silent Hill theme well! EDIT: This is just me nitpicking and has nothing to do with the music, but a more imaginative name would be good too Unless of course that's the name of the source track you're using, in which case feel free to tell me to p*ss off.
  20. 3. completed

    @Rozovian I really appreciate your honesty! To say that I'm a professional would be such a false statement in every way, I don't know anything about production, so I'm trying to teach myself. I'm not sure as though I'll have any opportunities of official education on this stuff. But that's no excuse, really. Looking at it, the mixing is pretty bad xD and instrumentation could use some work, and especially on this one, I do feel I tried to do too much at once. Although, I really appreciate your input and advice on making this better, I can't thank you enough for spending the time to give an amateur like me the time of day to try and make this better. I will certainly take into account the information that you have provided me.
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