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  1. Me too. Quinn Fox is one of my favourite ReMixers.
  2. Ending from GG Sonic 2 has a New Jack Swing feel to it.
  3. Agreed with the artist. Cliché is certainly the proper definitition for the sound effects. Wolf howl is the same used in tracks such as Sanctuary from LucasArts Outlaws.
  4. Sonic has eaten too many onion rings so I can't jump on the spring.
  5. I only have a couple of tracks I bothered saving. Try contacting Sgt Rama
  6. It's enjoyable enough. I just noticed Coucou is french. And this certainly sounds like an european track. Specifically, I get Stereo Total vibes from this.
  7. Nice lead work as usual, Gario. Mostly, your tracks tend to stay on higher frequencies. Try lowering some of your melodies one octave down to balance things up. The bit crushed pauses are a nice touch. I think you can hard-pan those sections on left-right alternations to empathise the malfunction feel. Also, sorry to hear about your computer issues.
  8. I used to really like this one. Alas, the hard-panned congas are too repetitive for me now. Wish they were quieter and less dominant.
  9. Abandoned regular gaming in 2013 after joining university. Focusing on my cinema career has made me realize playing games was a thing of the past, mostly. I am 27 too, and don't get much enjoyment from it anymore. Reading books have been a more immersive and rewarding experience to me, especially if I can apply what I learn into my works. Also, I could never devote the time and effort to games that requires extensive tutorials for you to master them. I've always been more into quick, "arcade-ish" gaming.
  10. New episodes debut on March 11: http://www.cartoonbrew.com/tv/samurai-jack-new-episodes-debut-march-11-147940.html In the meantime, here's a behind the scenes video and sample artwork released last year: http://www.cartoonbrew.com/tv/go-behind-scenes-samurai-jack-reboot-genndy-tartakovsky-141194.html
  11. @TillyFun Yes, it was a term project. It spanned for 4 months, but I decided to spend a couple more to polish it up during vacation. Like yours, mine was made in Flash. After noticing Foster's Home used the same software, I tried to work with it to the fullest. Thanks to you both for your time and comments.
  12. Nice. Enjoying how albums and artist links are now organized. Here's some feedback: -On the YouTube playlists, the track played could be highlighted with a light gray. -If an artist has worked in more than 6 albums, they won't all show up. Maybe add a slider button on each side? -There are many straight rectangle shapes. Slightly rounds in the upper corners of the tabs could add more variety and ease the eyes. -For the Albums icon I suggest it is the same as the OverClocked Records one, sans headphones. It might look more consistent with the Games/Remixes icons. -By clicking in the white field of each playlist track, make it stream from YouTube instead of jumping to the ReMix page. Wonder if this would take way too much work, though. Hope this helps.
  13. Probably not an opinion shared by many. But Hiroyuki Iwatsuki is one of my favourite SNES composers.
  14. Hi, everyone. I finished my second semester film last year. It was screened on Anima Mundi. And now I am finally sharing it around. Although this is a cartoon, I feel my time on OCR still influenced it musically. So it's no wonder people tell me the score sounds like game music. By the way, I have a ReMix in the To Be Posted queue and a more game-oriented film in the works. So you'll hear more from me soon, hopefully