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  1. The discussion panel in http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR03664 leads to an unrelated thread.
  2. Short experiment where I composed imaginary critical themes for Genesis Mortal Kombat. Added them on top of gameplay so you get an idea of how it'd work in practice. If you've played this game enough, you know it doesn't have that type of music. Grab all tracks here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0W_PJl47QIoMXk3amttQXFPTGc/view?usp=sharing
  3. Wow, a Comix Zone remix by Mazedude? Had to check it out immediately! Really fun C64 vibes. Lots of intricate lead work.
  4. Thanks for your comments ; ) Even when I stick to the originals, I always try to make them easier to listen to in a songwriting perspective when I feel there's potential for that. I used VOPM with synths and drums from a Genesis game called Star Cruiser and FL Studio's 3xOsc to simulate the square wave PSG channels on that system.
  5. Thanks for posting the original, as I was only familiar with it through DarkeSword's rendition. I looked up your other thread just to make sure I wasn't giving repetitive feedback (although you could've also bumped that one and change the prefix on the first post as 'finished' to save your time). The intro is kinda sweet, but the transition around 0:22 was too sudden and slightly unconnected. Plus, it didn't give much time to contemplate the calmer start. I like your woodwind choices, especially the bassoon, since it represents the low-frequency range of them. I wish you used it a little more at least. The male oohs are on the lower range, too. But those start and end abruptly, giving it a mechanical feel. You could always have a last long ooh fading out as the track progresses, instead of it ending on rigid measures. Keep in mind the SNES version ended instruments on rigid bars in order to give space to others due to channel limitations, but you don't need to adhere to that. Pizzicato strings sounded buried during the male oohs. Putting them on higher octaves could've helped, but then you'd make sure they wouldn't be fighting space with the flute and other high pitched instruments. Triangle percussion felt on auto-pilot until the wind chimes showed up. But your glockenspiel selection in the second half was a really nice addition. Overall, it was a decent listen. It gives me nostalgia in the sense that it reminds me of ReMixes posted on OCR's front page 12 years ago, in a good way : )
  6. I am assuming the intro is taken from the original? Sounds like it anyway (not much familiar with SOTN's OST). The lead is right up my alley. That's a flange you put in it, right? Reminds me of Crimson Twilight by Dr. Manhattan. Strings really have that nice 32-bit vibe to them. You can always use the glockespiel to play the same notes on top of the strings, giving both instruments more depth. Here's an example that uses a piano on top as well
  7. Can't you export the MIDI and use it in another software? Either way, keep in mind you can still write cool music with what you got. Kinda like Dr. Fruitcake. It's how you pay attention to production techniques such as vibrato, pitch bends and extra channels for echo/delay that can make a difference. That and a general understanding of instrument behavior. I think the main problem here is that everything sounds a bit muffled. I am a little confused with the specific track you choose. Is it really the title music? Sounds like you had very little material to work with.
  8. I like your mashups. They're a good listen while surfing on the web. The highlight for me was at 1:00, when the vocals and bass joined forces.
  9. Nice. Digging your synths and the synced lead outro. Is the bass from Gecko's soundbank?
  10. I was just analysing the original for chord progressions in seventh intervals. But suddenly felt like covering it. MP3: https://www.dropbox.com/s/du5omkagnv7e5y1/Txai - Super Mario Kart (Rainbow Road).mp3?dl=0
  11. As a whole, it feels restless. Wish drums took a break for a while. And some of the vocal sections could've been on lower octaves to balance things a bit. What worries me about big collabs is the lack of good drums. BUT these sound decent.
  12. Really digging the Casiopea feel of this one. This takes real talent.
  13. Great track. WillRock hasn't lost his touch AT ALL.
  14. New DuckTales in 2017!

    Scrooge would never give Donald a birthday cake. I'd be too expensive for him. At most, a birthday card, while complaining about the cost of the paper