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  1. Your Hidden Gems?

    This is a childhood favorite of mine. High replay value with friends. Too bad the kickstarter game wasn't promising enough to get funded. But I think the main problem was poor video marketing.
  2. Your Hidden Gems?

    Kuru Kuru Kururin for GBA. One of those "reach your goal" type of games with unique gameplay and appealing graphics/bg animation. Not to mention the wonderful music by Atsuhiro Motoyama.
  3. NK Pixel Artwork

    Your palette & texture work reminds me of Fray in Magical Adventure for MSX2. And that is a good thing in my book.          
  4. Since Mazedude is a fan of Jazz Jackrabbit music, I wouldn't be surprised if it was the inspiration for the synth lead design. Sounds very Alexander Brandon-esque to me. Well done.
  5. Much better.  My intuition tells me the guitar note at 44:00 should be the same as the next one. As it is, it's slightly unsettling. For more variety's sake, I think the guitar could play something along those lines on the ending: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlxPj9P3ztU&t=3m21s Piano could make a short entrance in the previous bar, before 1:17. This would add some spontaneity. I think if it lasts for only 4 bars it'll be enough. Make the guitar do a short entrance before going back to the main melody, too. For the same reason as I stated above. I like how the guitar works as a rhythm instrument as the piano leads. More rhythm guitar through the piece could be neat if you feel there are other possibilities for that. Again, nice updates so far.
  6. Drums, lead guitar and unusual time sig are the highlights for me. The sound effects are carefully used, to be expected from the artist. This is one of my favorite Doom II Mazedude remixes (the others are 'Countdown to Death' from the American Album and 'Westside Archvile' from the Doom II Project). And like others, I also got tricked. Especially since my pc was in a real bad state when I heard this one for the first time. Nice work playing this prank on a lot of people.
  7. OCR01015 - Cool Spot 'Smileyspot'

    How can you take a game about a red spot with sunglasses seriously? You can't. And this track truly celebrates this goofy premise with cheesy wah EP, rhythm steel drums and joyful commercial-like vocals. The whistling, caught me by surprise as much as the trombone in his Plok 'Title Jam' piece. Fade-out ending was appropriate. I just wish this was a little longer. Just a little bit. Sometimes, all you need is silliness. There are a few other Mazedude works with this type of mood. 
  8. @ProjectSpamThat's a vibraphone. The core difference is that a xylophone has no release at all. And it's often used in comedy cartoons (think Disney's The Skeleton Dance). Back on topic, I've been looping this yesterday as I worked on stuff. Certainly not something you'd expect from McVaffe. Smooth on the leads, heavy on the percussion. Just the way I like it.    
  9. While the game is set in Japan, the word 'East' is certainly more appropriate in the mix title, as the flute here is typically chinese. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Very touching stuff. As for McVaffe's magnum opus, I'm torn between this and 'Jungle Jazz', honestly.    
  10. Sometimes, all you need from a song is a good laugh.
  11. Not my favorite kind of lead as others pointed out. But it doesn't stop me from enjoying the track. As usual, I'm loving DJP's signature rhythm organ.
  12. Superb guitar lead, which is often changing its synth design as the melody progresses. And that gives it a lot of life and expression. Not to mention the acid bass is yummy.    
  13. Add some Françoise Cactus vocals and this one would fit right into Stereo Total's My Melody album. And that is a good thing.
  14. The lead at 0:24 is a highlight for me. It has a C64 feel to it. Also, digging the triplet rhythm.
  15. My favorite part is the break at 2:32. From that part on a new instrument is added every 8 bars. Kinda like many early trance tracks on the site. The square/sine lead is the icing on the cake.