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  1. Bundeslang, it works fine to me. Maybe your download was unsuccessful. Try again : )
  2. I have some VGMixes which weren't on VGMix Archive: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0hfwl3l85n2i716/VGMix.rar
  3. music

    Well, I like the music in this game. And won't let brands influence my musical tastes. Really nice cover. Love the synced lead and the acoustic guitar outro. I'm just not too keen on the drum writing (with the kicks all over the place at times). But that is typical of this type of metal. And so a matter of personal preference.
  4. Get Jukebox, load the rom into it, play a song and mute all but the drum channel so you'll be able to get the sounds with a WAV recorder. Good luck. And welcome to OCR!
  5. Really digging this. I think it's on par with your Solar Jetman track (which was already incredible).
  6. Heh. I like the way you represent voices on the visualizer.
  7. I really enjoyed timaeus222's track. Lots of energy. Makes me want to check out the original (can't do much better than that when remixing game music). Also, this is a neat concept for an album. Makes me wonder what a Gunpei Yokoi EP would've been like.
  8. Man, I just checked your YouTube channel. I'm blown away by your piano solos. Glad to have a friend with such passion for music. And the source here is one of my favourites from a game I never played. Fantastic stuff! Great to know you're still kicking!!
  9. Only watched the first episode. My favourite part was the Toriyama cameo (as if he was worthy enough to have his face stamped on money, heh). I like it when he makes fun of himself.
  10. My brother was passing by and told me this sounds like comedy stand-up music, heh. Really enjoying the final version, Markus. While I still think a vibraphone could be appropriate at a certain point, I get that you prefer limiting your instrument choices. And yet you manage to hold my attention all the way. Also, I know I said this before, but I commend you on your source choice. It shows that you have good taste in music and a bit of class when it comes to you and your chiptunes : ) This will stay in my morning playlist. Superb stuff.
  11. finished

    Not familiar with the game. But I love synth metal (which is not a genre I expected from you, but it works well). Synth brass was a highlight for me. Did you create the vector animation yourself from scratch?
  12. Piano section sounds too quiet compared to the rest. Intro was short and the transition at 0:17 was too sudden and in a different key (which makes the intro feel detached from the rest). Add vibrato to your leads to prevent them from sounding straight.
  13. Try improving your drum work in future pieces. The snare sounds too mechanical with no notable velocity variation. Open hi-hat sounds too loud, while ride cymbal sounds too quiet. Leads are where the track shines.
  14. Your spin doesn't do much to set it apart from the original. It is almost the same, but with slightly different instruments: so what is the point? A half-hearted effort at popularity won't get you too far.