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  1. Count me in. I already informed both Zircon and Larry that I'm available for this task.
  2. More ads are ok
  3. There was one, but it sucked, so it was ReMoved. Mirrored.
  4. Haha, I'm a total jackass. Drack, I'm sending you a pm. I MADE THIS GODDAMN AVATAR. Uncool people had better not be using it.
  5. Same goes for me.
  6. Any cable, as long as the distance from your computer to your ISP is less than, like 5 kilometres or something.
  7. Not really. Several of them still have comments intact.SPOILERS BELOW I especially love the one that says "Background music is a remix of Metalman's Theme from the NES game Mega Man 2; This arrangement is titled "Smooth Metal" by Zircon; original lyrics by Ghetto Lee Lewis and Reece Regino, performed by Ghetto Lee Lewis, final production and mastering by Ghetto Lee Lewis" Yours is recognizable too, as well as Flik's and 2p's. You should edit the tags better
  8. LT: See CE below. The resize is a little too sharp. Smooth it out more, and it'll have a better chance.
  9. Apple's Dogcow: Imageshack's frog: LT: Nah. Don't really need stuff like that.
  10. I think it's a great idea.
  11. Play damathacus! And you, play Falchion. I need an opponent.
  12. This is what I mean, I quickly drew this in Paint to give you a sample of what I seen some time ago: Bots would have big troubles with this thing.
  13. Since it is an OC Removed I thought to download it because I thought it was cool, but I didn't like it very much.WHAT???
  14. We have that. (lol ok I edited it a bit) edit: now that I think about it, I've seen a better system somewhere else. The pic displays messed up letters that make up a number and you have to type that number.
  15. phpBB offers three way.Right now we're using the second, that implies a validation e-mail. The third one is stronger, each new account must be hand-activated by an administrator. OLRemix used that system for a while to prevent me from joining. It's not very effective because I registered like 5 alt accounts while they were running that policy...