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  1. The youtube version is a screen capture of my FL Studio project. The soundcloud link below is the high (much higher quality) quality final mix. I never go for any specific sound I kind of just let the workflow be it's own being in a way. Sometimes I get sort of a retro modern sound, if that makes sense.
  2. You know anything about sidechaining?
  3. I often add 2 equalizers to each fx chain. One at the beginning and one at the end. The one at the beginning is intended to remove any frequencies I do not wish to be in the sound. Then I do whatever other FX I am going to use. With the final one that is used to emphasize and de-emphasize the ranges you want. Try that and let me know if that better helps to get you the sound you want. It basically allows you to control what sounds fill out the mix and where. Pretty good on the ears so far and I think this trick might help you! The main lead for example. Try cutting off the low end and let the highest fall off towards the end as well. Then on the last equalizer try to place emphasis in the lower highs. Good luck! EDIT - By the way, using the equalizer at the beginning of the FX chain of each instrument and removing the lows from some of them might make the lows a bit less chaotic and allow the sounds you do want there to stand out and fill in more clearly. Using panning effectively can make it fill in better as well. I like to use the basic "stereo shaper" in FL Studio sometimes to separate sounds in a mix.
  4. Thank you. This one was primarily focused on creating a nice atmosphere and soundscape. I appreciate you noticing
  5. The youtube video has no fx and is basically unmastered. The soundcloud link below has a 320 kbps mp3 download of the final mix with FX. Took about 7 or 8 hours of my day yesterday.
  6. The soundcloud one has better sound quality. The youtube one shows a screen capture of the track in FL Studio.
  7. Thanks for the clarification.
  8. Are we allowed to use tracks that were sources in past compos? As in can we use any sources even if they have been a PRC source before?
  9. I was thinking about Phoenix Wright music the other day so I wanted to just go at one and see what I came up with. I don't plan to add anything to it or do anything else to it but if you have any critiques they would still be appreciated for future reference.
  10. I have been working on music since about 2006 I think. Never had anyone teach me or was in band or anything. Just enjoy doing it and did it for years just to listen to myself. I seem to be unable to really purposely make anything of any specific genre. I kind of just do what I wish and something comes out. Anyways what are your opinions on this track? I think it might be too loud (I always worry because my hearing is bad and I don't have any monitors) but another thing, how can I get a cleaner sound? I have included a youtube and a soundcloud link as I know soundcloud has the ability to download and better sound quality. Some people prefer youtube though.
  11. Does that midi file not work for anyone else? It will not load for me.
  12. Eh, the way I see it is you can repost it if you clean it up, might as well get something in. I am still kicking myself for a pretty much complete PRC entry I didn't put in a while back after spending a fair amount of time on it.
  13. I do agree entirely that the extra day does indeed matter. If I am not mistaken isn't it possible to update it if you contact the contest sponsor? I think this has been done in PRC. I don't recall though.
  14. Last time I did that I became too much of a perfectionist and never entered my final work (and looking back I should have though this was for a different compo)