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  1. As CoolBeets said I think the intro should be altered some way. I would suggest to change the drums on the whole intro 0:00-1:26 to build up starting very softly, not to start right away with snares (0:30). For example you could start with just some cymbals that are softly played from 0:30 and start to slowly build it up to powerful drums 1:26. From 1:54 to 2:48 this feels kind of empty. The bass and drums are quite energetic but the guitar feels lonely. I think it's just that I kind of expect there to be something that adds more depth like pads. Keep working on with this!
  2. I kind of can imagine that in my head . Yeah, the mix was just couple of EQs and a convolution reverb. Nothing too special. Now I've made some mixing and cleaning. I think this song will be just 2 minutes long but I'll keep it under "WIP" tag for couple of days in case if I get an idea how to extend it a little bit. I've updated the song. If there's something to improve on the mix please let me know! Cheers!
  3. Hi OCRemix! Here's a remix of Hyrule Castle theme with a happy tone. I don't have any clue of the genre. If anyone knows, please tell. I was going for kind of traditional dance music vibe with this. Hope you enjoy! LATEST: Castle 3.mp3?dl=0 SECOND: Castle 2.mp3?dl=0 FIRST: Castle.mp3?dl=0 Source: