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    Joshua Morse has two forces driving him--one being his passion for composing and producing music, and the other, his commitment to web development.

    Based out of his home studio in Nashville, Tennessee, Josh has never been one to conform to the sounds you're accustomed to hearing. Instead, he leaves his mark by means of a fusion of many genres, generally incorporating a hint of jazz and funk. He's on a mission to prove that not all jazz is "elevator music," and not all video game music is "clicks and whistles".

    Joshua is also an advocate of healthy living. He follows a vegan diet and enjoys working out.
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    Software Engineer, Music Composer, Sound Designer
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  1. OCR02425 - Pilotwings '9-bit Skies'

    After listening to the album multiple times and looping this particular arrangement for about an hour straight, I think it's safe to say this is my favorite out of them all. Loving the use of the Chrono Trigger string samples, too.
  2. Pay what you want for the OST! Check out the trailer: Released via Ubiktune: Game created by Lost Decade Games: Lost Decade Games has also released the game for free on iPad! Download it from your iPad in the app store!
  3. OCR02211 - Crush 'Electrotherapy'

    That BASS, son!
  4. Terrifying Games

    Yes! That game scared the living crap out of me!
  5. Always good to see a fellow Bad Dude put out a project! I've yet to play the game, but I've been listening to the soundtrack for a while now (as is the case with most games out there) and definitely enjoy it! Congrats, Kunal!
  6. Absolutely killer. My neck hurts from head-banging so much.
  7. Sounds great! Always nice to hear a latin arrangement on OCR. Definitely one of the most impressive first submissions I've heard.
  8. This is in my top 3 fav Mattias tracks. This could very well be at number 1; can't decide! Sounds great!
  9. Hell yeah. This is great. For some reason, it seems longer than 2:04 to me.
  10. OCR02137 - Final Fantasy X 'Rondo Sanctuary'

    Completely forgot to mention the fact that the *pimp* vocal FX were recorded by myself. Not sure how audible it is on everyone's setup, but there's some beat-boxing sprinkled on the mix, as well. Mission accomplished!
  11. I started listening before reading the write-up and had to do a double-take at the artist; quite surprised when I saw it wasn't zircon. Don't get me wrong, I still think the mix has its own unique sound, but I can definitely hear its inner zircon. Loving the synth brass at 0:48 and on.
  12. OCR02119 - Castlevania III 'Demonic Conception'

    That's a live guitar; no samples involved.
  13. I forgot how much I loved the source until I heard this. Loving the meld of the rice krispies crunch with the laid back vibe; not something you hear very often!
  14. OCR02122 - Sonic the Hedgehog 2 'Above the Sky'

    Loving this, WillRock. The atmosphere is a wonderful compliment to the original.
  15. OCR02093 - Final Fantasy V 'Vessel of the Void'

    Do I hear Shreddage? This is great work. Loving the synth work and the stutters at 1:37.