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Found 3 results

  1. Hometown Heroes Created by Mirby, directed by Brandon Strader and Mirby Welcome back to the Hometown Heroes project, starting up again here in 2016. There are existing claims -- if you are one of these remixers, please check in! The original concept for this album was to remix town themes from obscure games. However, any town theme from a video game will be acceptable, and optionally you can choose to mix in a hero theme into your mix (to use 2 sources for the mix). This is entirely optional, but will help to see the HomeTOWN HEROES concept a little more. It will be interesting to see how people interpret this, especially with heroes being in stylistically diverse towns. Right now we're in a check-in phase, so currently no deadlines or WIP dates. Please check in, and feel free to make a claim. Tracklist Persona 2 Innocent Sin - Sumaru City (claimed by @AMT) Radiant Historia - Mechanical Kingdom (claimed by @Arrow) Phantasy Star IV - Motavia Town, Dezolis Town (claimed by @AngelsDen) Kingdom Hearts II - Twilight Town (claimed by @Tuberz McGee) Tsugunai - Early Afternoon in the Village (claimed by @Ivan Hakštok) Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire - Slateport City (claimed by @Chucklehofft) Illusion of Gaia - Village Theme (claimed by @DjjD) Ys III - Trading Town of Redmont (claimed by @Jorito) Monster Hunter 3 (tri) - Village Theme 1 (day) (claimed by @Amphibious) Castlevania II: Simon's Quest - Town (claimed by @Metal Man) Threads of Fate - Serene Town (claimed by @thatandyguy) Soul Blazer - Lonely Town (claimed by @evktalo) Dragon Slayer 6 - Town (claimed by @Jorito) Important final note, we will be targeting an official OCRA release. As such, the quality bar is a little bit higher than it was in the previous incarnation of the project. If you have finished mixes made for the previous version of the project, please submit them to the panel so they can be evaluated!
  2. About to send my first submission :oops:

    1. Gario


      Hey there!

      If you want, you could post your first submission on the WIP boards on here - that way you'll have some idea of how it'll fare on the panel without waiting the rather lengthy period of time it takes for us to respond.

      Just throwing that out there as a suggestion. Also, a hearty welcome to OCR to you! ;)

    2. nightswim


      Hey I wouldn't mind trying that :) I already submitted it, should I still post on the WIP boards? 


      Thanks for the welcome :D I have been following OCR for a few years now.. just had to finally join

    3. Gario


      Sure - post it on the WIP boards and you'll have some idea as to how the panel will receive it. It's hard to tell how long it'll take to get from the submission inbox to the panel (according to the 'Currently in the Judging Process' thread, it looks like it's about in the 'August' area, so it's  a few months behind!), so it's better for you to get some idea prior to that. It's no fun to wait 6 months, then receive a letter with information... that would've been helpful for you 6 months ago.

      I mean, we're working on catching the panel up to the inbox, but it's all volunteer work, and it's done by hand. You could understand why there's often some backlogging in the process.

  3. They call me Ronald Poe. I'm a bassist, guitarist, and Electronic Musician (I use FL Studio and Audacity). I'm a fan of Metal Gear Solid, Pokemon, Shin Magami Tensei (particularly Persona 3 and 4), and especially Kingdom Hearts. I was also a regular at the "Musicians Talk" section on Ultimate Guitar and possibly the most polarizing member there. I also use Musescore for the notation process and use multiple soundfonts (mostly the KH one) and samples with FL Studio. I have a unique style. Anyway I have two questions. First what are some VG pieces with simple, easy, and somewhat repetitive melodies. I'm trying to write better remixes (my first 3 were denied) and want to try something simple. Second, what are some basics of DnB music and remixing. I've researched it quite a bit and still don't get it. I want to do a remix in DnB style but I'm not sure where to start. I've got some decent drum samples. Sorry about how personal this post was (I'm trying to make a better impression here). My questions are easy VG pieces with simple melody and basics of DnB.