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74 - Halloween Special 2

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The OverClocked PodCast returns from the grave,
For music and mixes, a post-mortem rave.
We’re rhyming again with the spooky word “morgue,”
Because nothing else rhymes with OC

There’s an album just lying in wait for you.
It’s sweet and it’s spooky; it’s Candy Corn II.
From the zone of twilight steps YoshiBlade,
With strange-but-true tales from the songs that he made.
Like a vampire’s unholy bite that will drain ya,
MajorThird sinks deep into Castlevania.
So savor this time when you still have blood vessels,
For the OverClocked PodCast Halloween Special!

Direct Download:

Next week's Playlist: Obscure Music

ReMix ReWind:

A New Album Approaches: Heretic Sinphony

A New Album Approaches: Candy Corn II: The Sequeling

In-Tune Interview with YoshiBlade

Candy Corn II: The Sequeling

The Big Ones with Matthew TucciaroneCastlevania III

The Playlist: Spooky Music

Bumper music:

Extra info:



Google Play:




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