How to balance original music and remixes

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Hey everyone!  

My buddy and I, who collectively make up "Fusion42" were having an interesting discussion and I would love to hear from you all about it.  


For those of you that are trying to build a following or subscriber base online via YouTube or SoundCloud, do you have challenges getting your original music out there when compared to remixes?  We have done a mixture of originals and remixes but find that our game remixes get a lot more traction.  This makes sense to me because the source material is already loved and established and people are looking for it already.  So how do you find that balance? Right now we definitely view remixes as something that help our channel get exposure, but at the same time I could see our channel blowing up and people only expecting remixes and not originals.  Or maybe this isn't a real problem, only the musings of a couple of amateurs.  


I would love to hear your thoughts on this, especially if someone with a lot of experience out there would like to chime in!

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