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  1. Radiowar
    07-02-2010 03:51 AM
    one [1] Friendship, as promised. :D
  2. Harmonious Dissonance
    05-03-2010 03:36 AM
    Harmonious Dissonance
    Eh. Well i'm staying there for about two weeks so I hope I don't get affected by it.

    Also is it true I will get shunned if I say i'm not mormon? {Not being discriminting here... Just what people have told me}
  3. Harmonious Dissonance
    05-01-2010 04:11 AM
    Harmonious Dissonance
    I was down in orem last summer, But I didn't get a chance to actually go around and sightsee.

    ...How exactly is it weird?
  4. alfredofreak
    04-29-2010 03:55 AM
    Yeah, I have a few friends that go. I might be able to get some video game soundtracks there, but it probably doesn't get any closer to actual game music concerts than that. Ah well. I take it you are not Mormon just as I'm not, correct?
  5. Harmonious Dissonance
    04-28-2010 07:25 AM
    Harmonious Dissonance
    Hey, I was wondering if you knew any good places to take pictures around BYU? I'm going to be there during late june/early july for a dance workshop and I would like to get some photography in.
  6. alfredofreak
    04-22-2010 11:15 AM
    Nice to meet you. Know of any events comparable to MAGFest in our part of the country?
  7. Black Mage
    11-25-2009 09:04 PM
    Black Mage
    Sounds good. I'll post if it's taken before then.
  8. linkspast
    11-25-2009 06:41 PM
    Sounds about right.... I dont think I can afford it right now.. But if no one takes it in a few weeks ill let you know.
  9. linkspast
    11-25-2009 02:15 AM
    shipping for 97317 ?

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