ReMix: Street Fighter II: The World Warrior "Murkan Supreme"

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Street Fighter II: The World Warrior
  1. Happy 4th of July to our visitors in the USA!!
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You'll be seeing more FF6 in the not-too-distant future, but for now it's time to take a break and rock out with some good ole-fashioned SF2, and what could be more American (or "Murkan") than Guile? Not only does he go with everything, he's got the US of A's flag tatooed right on his shoulder, lest you doubt his patriotism!! Or perhaps it's Schala that goes with everything? Brandon questions his arranging practices:

"Huge thanks to Sixto for re-amping the guitars for me at the last second cause my stuff is all messed up. *_* At the time, my amp was getting interference from something. Didn't really set out with a goal in mind apart from making it rock, happened across a bit of a "techno metal" area with the synths and really liked it, and everything just fell into place very nicely. Ugh, I also put Schala in this mix too. Why do I keep doing it?"

If he doesn't know, it's a fair bet we don't, but I'm not too worried. Production is aggressive & in-your-face, but I really like the blend of rock and Japanese instrumentation, and while these are familiar melodies, the way Brandon has modified them & layered them is quite creative; I really feel like he's been thinking outside the box with his arrangements lately, making some very interesting ideas work, and this is no exception. While it's still mixed a little on the loud side, judges stood behind this revision as being a substantive improvement from the previous incarnation; Vinnie writes:

"I find it humorous that I got way more behind this with the Chun-Li parts largely marginalized. My big beef with the last version was that those parts were getting in the way. In this version, Guile takes the center stage for most of the song with the Chun-Li riff adding some texture that isn't even that obvious unless you're listening for it. The important thing is it works. Definitely in a YES state now, great job fixing this one up."

Always nice to hear SF2 themes handled in a new way, and this mix is perfect for some (late-breaking) fireworks to light up your fourth; good stuff from Brandon, who keeps the mixes coming but thankfully still takes the time to revise & polish them where needed! Murka!


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on 2013-07-06 16:07:06

Well, fireworks were invented in China, I believe, so Chun-li's theme still fits a very Guile 4th of July ReMix. Either way, awesome blending of metal and Asian instrumentation. Pretty unique and exciting to listen to. Not to mention the best ReMix using Guile's theme I've heard to date. Yep, great music for all of murka.

on 2013-07-06 14:58:38

This is pretty dope, Mr. Strader.

Brandon Strader
on 2013-07-05 01:30:53
An American rock remix with Japanese and Chinese subtle themes.

Yeah, sounds like 'MURICA to me. :tomatoface:

Well, America is owned by China, right? I kid, I kid. :tomatoface:

on 2013-07-04 23:12:52

An American rock remix with Japanese and Chinese subtle themes.

Yeah, sounds like 'MURICA to me. :tomatoface:

But, seriously, love how you integrated Schala's and Chun Li's theme into this mix. Awesome mix to rock out to on this 4th of July.

on 2013-07-04 21:10:45

Nice revision from the Street Fighter compo version. The transition from the guitars to the Japanese instrumentation was really well done and felt natural. Overall it's got a really cool sound to it. Nice job Brandon, I'm enjoying rocking out to some Guile right now!! :)

on 2013-07-04 20:52:22

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