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  2. Sorry I'm late, the Walmart line was kinda long. All seriousness though, apologies to you and @Chernabogue for ghosting y'all to this point, was working on some personal shit. On the bright side I'm much more confident in my writing and rapping ability now, especially on darker/grimier verses, see the second verses on here and here. So if you still need a rhyme - sayer, I'm on standby.
  3. Hello, everyone ! Lately, I listened to the "Perfect Selection: Snatcher Battle" album and discovered this sweet Vocal Cover of the "Peaceful Avenue" track: I really enjoy this version but, since I don't speak japanese at all, I can(t get a single clue of what the song is about. I was wondering is someone here has the skills and five minutes of spare time left to translate the lyrics for me. It's one of these tracks I might want to remix at some point and it could be nice to produce an english version of it. Here's an image taken from the album that might help whoever is interested in this quest: Thanks in advance Cheers !
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