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  2. I had to make a pun man! It was perfect! Anyway, yeah, really wondering what you're gonna think of my new WIP
  3. I've been working on this Since Sunday: I need help refining it. the question for potential OCremix post is do I Split it in half like Cantata for Dancing or leave it whole? here is the Sibelius file and midi
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  5. Hey there! If this project is still alive and well I would love to do Whisper of the Land and maybe a couple of others if they are still open after I finished this one. I am also a huge fan of this game so would love to contribute in any way that I can
  6. I intend to direct an album encompassing Falcom's (Ys, Xanadu, The Legend of Heroes, etc.) Brandish series of action-dungeon crawlers. Though often overlooked, I feel their soundtracks are among the 16-bit era's finest, and more than deserving of a full-blown album. I am currently looking to recruit any interested ReMixers. See below for my tentative tracklist, with links to the source material included: Legend: Claimed, WIP, Done Disc 1: Vittoria (Brandish 1) Opening (clerian) Ruins (HeavyViper) Dink Ancient Statue Tower Headless (Stone McKnuckle) Shop 2 Cave Dearthwidow Fortress Stage Clear Ending I Disc 2: Bundevia (Brandish 2) Stranger ~ Wandering Swordsman Prison Castle Town / Wood (medley) Shop / Adonis (medley) Ninja Yashiki ~ Strewn with Corpses Dark Zone / Castle (medley) Begging One’s Life Laboratory / Tower (medley) (Justin Thornburgh) Fortress Gadobadorrer Epilogue / Soldiers’ Sorrow (medley) (HeavyViper) Disc 3: Fivelria (Brandish 3) Legend of the Lone Wolves Elegy of the Cat Punch Fellow / Get Into Danger (medley) Fighting Dragon Corridor of Nightmare Coast Blue Lake Sanctuary Magma Scorched Earth Maison Paranoia Follow the Evilshadow Stay Gold -Umber- (HeavyViper) Last Revelation Disc 4: Ka Lua (Brandish VT / Brandish 4 / Brandish 4 Image Soundtrack) Prologue -Blue Moon- Town District -Division- Game -Hammer Slime- Staff (Brandish 4) Ruins -The Prop- Summons -Hostile- / Fight to the Death -Trigger- (medley) Church -Judgement- / The Restoration of Tower -Retribution- (medley) Altar -Altar- Inside the Womb -Forbidden Power- Gilias -Victim- Each of Their Feelings -Theme of Sorrow- Triumphal Return -Triumph- Epilogue I -Daybreak- / Epilogue II -Twilight- / Epilogue IV -Broken Chain- / Epilogue III -Determination- (medley, definitely collab - thinking along the lines of a prog epic) This list isn't set in stone - it's possible some tracks may be added or cut, depending on interest from participants. For the sake of reference, here are links to full playlists of the soundtracks, for multiple versions of the games: All genres and styles are welcome - I hope for this album to feature plenty of variety! The current release window I'm trying to shoot for for is somewhere around late 2019/early 2020. Current artists: Jorito clerian HeavyViper DemonStray Justin Thornburgh Stone McKnuckle When a fair amount of artists have joined, and the album is well underway, I plan to propose it as an official project.
  7. Ok so I'm pretty good at making music. But my computer isn't that strong so if I use high quality VST's it lags. So I'm looking for a partner. Basically, someone who can turn my MIDIs into high quality pieces. The other thing is, when I am composing, the song starts off very good but then I don't know where to go with the song. So the cool thing is, you are welcome to extend or modify my music in any manner. So, how do this work? Basically, you do whatever you want to my music, then submit it here. If I approve your modification of my piece, both you and me get unlimited rights to the music. If I don't approve, then you do not get the rights to my song, and I will not use your modified version of my song for any purpose, unless you give me permission to do so. So basically, you get free rights to my music as long as you do good with the song. It's kind of like a win win and you get a composer working for you for free. If there are multiple submissions which are good, we both share the rights (between us, but the other 5 users don't share between them. So for example, if John and Mary gave me their submission, and I thought both were good, then John and me would share the rights, and Mary and me would share the rights, but John would not have the rights to Mary's submission.) If you are interested and want to begin, either post a description of your talents underneath, or send me a PM.
  8. The album is complete, except for cover art. (Actually, it has been for some time now...) I'll post another update when it's released.
  9. Well, it's been exactly a year since Speeding Towards Adventures was released here (that was a fascinating experience, btw, thanks everyone once again <3), and I think it's time for me to try something else Anyway, some time ago Darkesword created a topic where he metioned that he would like to see Sonic 3D Blast covered (both soundtracks, of course!) and when STA got released I expressed my interest in directing such a project. I've been thinking a lot about it recently, so I'm certain I must give it a try! Let's do it! So, what we need: ReMixers. If you're interested in claiming track, just let me know. Everything here is fairly simple - the process is your usual "first come, first served" with one small exception: if you have at least a single track posted on OCR (or at least in the to-be-posted list), you can make a claim immediately. If this is not your case, then you are required to send me a WIP with a strong vision and idea. And also good production. Visual artists. Obviously, some album artwork is necessary, but it's not a must-have at this point, I'll make an update later here. However, you can already express your interest if you'd like. A feedback assistant. I'll be honest, I'll really appreciate any help here, so if you have interest in providing constructive feedback, send me a PM! Thanks! A co-director. If you're absolutely sure you will be able to take some responsibilities in process of directing a project, you can try to lend me a hand. This will be much appreciated as well Performers. If you have enough experience with any kind of instrument, and you'd like to help us, just inform me about it, and I'll add you to the list of performers here. I'm sure people will be grateful for your help! Sound designers. Want to help out with sound design and/or mastering? Cool, then join us! Deadlines: actually, I think I'll try to create a system with individual approach, so there will not be a set consequence of dates for everyone. But please, try to remain in contact with me, especially if real life stuff keeps worrying you too much. Of course, if you don't send an update for a long period of time, you will no longer have this claim, so, again, keep in touch as much as possible! No genre restrictions here, so you are free to do whatever you want! Tracklist: Green - claimed, no WIP so far Purple - claimed, initial WIP Orange - claimed, significant WIP Blue - finished Bold blue - finished and mastered Disc 1 - Mega Drive/Genesis: Title Screen (+Menu Screen?) Green Grove Zone Boss 1/Boss 2 Rusty Ruin Zone Spring Stadium Zone Diamond Dust Zone Volcano Valley Zone Special Stage Gene Gadget Zone Panic Puppet Zone Final Fight Credits Disc 2 - Saturn: Title Screen Green Grove Zone Boss Rusty Ruin Zone Spring Stadium Zone Diamond Dust Zone Volcano Valley Zone Special Stage Gene Gadget Zone Panic Puppet Zone Final Fight Credits If you'd like to claim some short track that is not listed here (maybe you're interested in a jingle medley or something), let me know!
  10. Sounds good to me. I'd be more than happy to do a polished piece for a CD cover and/or profile. If you'd like all the profile pics done by a single artist and you wouldn't mind them looking less polished (for example, in my ballpoint pen style or just pencils with photo BG) I'd also be up for that. I'm also pretty flexible with style. If you want my normal house style (which makes up the majority of my drawings), I can certainly do that, or if you want it to lean more toward, say, particular Castlevania style like Symphony of the Night's style, or like the new anime, or... uh... Captain N... :D... I can do that, too. Also, if you want me to do the album cover and want to make our lives a little easier with being on the same page about it, consider an homage/similar composition to one of the WWE or WWF DVDs, but remember it'll be square. If you give me an image and say, "I want it to look like the bottom half of this or the top half of this , it'll be much easier. Try to give me a month to do it if you want a piece or two, two months if you want me to do all the profiles as well. Also, (because I've never used the PM message system on here) I can be reached through this contact page or a private note on my DeviantArt if for some reason I can't be reached through And thanks for considering me.
  11. Hello friends and music lovers! A search of the Google has brought me here. I'm in the process of setting up my Kickstarter for my TCG. A project which has been in the works since about 2005 as a college project: Warriors of the Crystal. It's a loving homage to JRPGs like Final Fantasy with a job-based three party battle system to duel with others. Think if you put Final Fantasy and Magic the Gathering into a blender. (It's not THAT simple, but you get the idea.) Part of this whole thing is the lore behind the game, which includes a book and the soundtrack to the book. I already composed the soundtrack, which is based off classic Final Fantasy music, and I think it's pretty great. What I would like to offer my backers is something a little extra special when it comes to the music. I'd like to give them a second album, which is a remixed/arranged album of the music. That's where this great place comes to play. I would like an artist or artists to recreate the soundtrack in their own style, way, or whatever. I only have a few rules: It should be recognizable as the original song via melody or whatever. No vulgar language (Tryin' to be family friendly here. A damn or a hell is fine, but let's not drop the big bombs, please.) Titles are flexible, as they should be for remixes, but at least allude to the original title. Have fun and roll with it. I trust you all to do good work. (After all, that's why I'm here, right?) My music already is a mix of orchestral, choral, rock, and whatnot. (How much I would love to hear my final boss musics played with a real guitar. I could scream with glee.) But I digress. I want this to album to be as part of the lore as the original one. I will be able to pay, however, the problem is this all comes out of my paycheck. I'd love to pay all what this is worth, but at the moment I need to pay rent and eat, so my budget is shoestring at best for this. Here's a few of my favorites on the original soundtrack: Overworld ~ Our Grand Adventure Battle: Deos Alumantai The Corrupted Deos Temple Final Battle II: Savage Ambitions If you're interested, let me know. If you have questions, let me know. I'm willing to provide any more additional information I may have forgotten above, but I think I covered what I needed to. I hope you all at least enjoy the music, and have a fantastic day!
  12. is there anyone interested in playing an acoustic guitar part in either of these styles to go with my early sketches of gerudo valley(feel free to expand it)? this(klezmer) or this(flamenco) also anybody interested in doing the castanets for this? Sketch:
  13. Never gonna give you up, never gonna make you cry, because I want you~~~ (er, directed at The Coop, but could apply to you too Dyne hardy har har)
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