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  1. I love this source. I may have to take a shot at arranging it myself.

    The main critique I have to offer is adding more to fatten out the sound. The texture feels so thin across the whole thing, and the same general harmonic structure is repeated over and over which can make it fatiguing to listen to. The key change around 3:50 helps that a bit, but you definitely needs more mids represented in the overall soundscape, and maybe a stronger bass line.

  2. It's not DISTORTING it, per se. There's only one spot in a sound I have that I found where the headphones setting actually distorted the sound at a part that's loud in the mids. But there is definitely a difference between the settings, and I was just curious as to what other people did, or if it was the same for them. I have it on desktop speakers still just because it doesn't seem to boost anything that I don't tell it to.

  3. Recently I discovered that I could change my windows audio settings to stereo headphones instead of desktop speakers. Doing so did make it sound nice - it boosted a lot of the mids and gave a full sound to everything. But that's the thing.. it's distorting the sound.

    What should I go with for mixing to get the most accurate representation of the mix? Some parts of songs sound distorted on the headphones setting, so I've stuck with desktop speakers where everything sounds fine, but this new knowledge just got me wondering.

  4. I think the soundscape doesn't really vary enough. A bit of texture fatigue going on still. I think a break in the vocals with something else doing a melodic interlude (hint hint cheesy strings) would work well. I would also add a lot more energy to it when you have the low vocal part come in toward the end. So far it's all at the same dynamic, even when you add more parts in.

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