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  1. As I listened, my very first impression is this should be accompanying a credit roll. It has that slow, deliberate pace, changing the style but not the theme. It works very well, reminding me slightly of “Homeworld (The Ladder)” by Yes, and for the same reasons. As stated by Steele, it changes mood too much to be set to a scene, but for credit rolls, it gives a very good ambience.
  2. American release was Starfox 64. Lylat is the system that the Starfox series occurs in, so it's probably the same game, just differing title.
  3. Here's my best guess to lyrics. I love this song, and would really like to know if I'm anywhere close. I can feel them coming in the dead of night For a lost patrol too weakened to last through the fight Armies blazing, lighting up the sky I can hear them closing in the deadly hour On a lost patrol so weak that they can't do a scour {I'm very confused about this line} Sniper gazing, deciding who's to die As the end is gone and (here) With the light of dawn I shed a tear for those who've gone. I can see them firing at us from afar A lost patrol who don't quite know where they are As the end is gone and (here) With the light of dawn I shed a tear for those who've gone. I'm not exactly sure about the "here" I put in parenthesis. It's something that rhymes with tear. Everything else I'm reasonably sure is correct. The bold is the deep voice, if you're wondering.
  4. I actually like this better than Fight On. Fight On seems muddier than Galvanized Boss. The electric beats are great, and I often catch myself bouncing to the beat.
  5. I just caught the words, when I friend pointed out that there was a voice whispering in the background. After separating the voice from the music using an equalizer, it came out "socially correct." For those having trouble, the voice is around the 1Khz band.
  6. it's... interesting. I usually don't listen to anything with this much distorted guitar, but it's great to hear something like this ever so often. I know it'll drive my dad insane, and that's good enough for me!
  7. This is a pretty old song, but I had to give my 2 cents. I came upon this song by accident. I was trying to get the FF7 ROBOVoice (my friend love funny stuff like it), and when I saw they had a torrent, I went "cool! I can get this song straight quick." I quickly realized that it was half of the entire repository, but I decided to keep on it. I waited until a song finished dling, and the first one was Terra in Black... to think I might've never heard this if it hadn't dled so quickly. The way I describe this song is beautifully powerful. One of those songs you can close your eyes to and just feel the music. I haven't listened extensively (if at all) to the bands that Andricon compared this song to, but it really reminds me of is Trans-Siberian Orchestra, with teh soft instrumental going into electric guitar. Bravo, Ailsean. Now, to get my hands on a copy of FF6.
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