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  1. I already know that thanks.. but I asked coz I was unsure how to send GPO instruments to the mixer channels without dealing with midi out's.. anyway I have figure it out for others who need this info its shown here each one of them represent a channel in the mixer [from 1 to 8] thanks everyone for your help.
  2. I have GPO and I want to apply different effects on each instrument using midi out channels by sending each channel to it's own individual mixer channel. I'm wondering if that's possible or is there a different way to do it?
  3. Cree`: I think your right about the delayed effect there, it needs to be fixed. vr_jadison: I'm sure I will do my best to improve myself because I'm really starting out and I'm not satisfied yet with what I make until now so I felt that I need someone to judge my work every once and a while so I can see how much did I improve. I think I'll pass this and leave it as it is for now and I'm sure that I'll do my very best in the next one. thank you guys for your feedback I really appreciated.
  4. I started this just for fun and I thought about using it as a background music for something but I'm not sure if it's good enough? what do you guys think? What do I need to spice it up more? Feedback is always appreciated.
  5. I can't hear 15khz also maybe I'm going deaf too.. and another thing, I have EMU-1616M sound card and the sounds seems buzzing from it; in the other hand my internal SoundMax sound card are getting all the sounds right. I don't know why?!
  6. Thanks guys for the help both WME & LogMeIn are working like a charm, but WME is far better in term of qulity.
  7. I don't know if this is the right place to ask this type of question but here goes: Is it possible to stream the audio in my pc to someone on the internet with good quality? I'm not takling about streaming mp3 playlists here I'm talking about any sound that my pc makes? I did that using the voice chat but the quality sucks. any help is appreciated.
  8. Let's say that I want to synthesise a wind sound, what makes me think the best way to create it is using a noise generator + resonant filter? I'm not talking about FX sounds here I'm talking about how to get the synthetic sound I want,if it's a somthing going in my head or a sound I'v heard in a song, there got to be a proper way of thinking to synthesise a sound. If there is some other tips about that subject that will be great.
  9. Practice is essential no doubt about that and reading how various sounds are created is also useful (can't find alot of threads like this though ) but my question was if there is any fundamentals in general for achieving a certain synth sound? Yoozer thanks for the great info that answers my question but I really like to get in deep to what you have mentioned here I'd like to know more advanced stuff if possible. Does anyone recommend a good source for sound design to start with? (books, videos, websites, forums, anything..)
  10. This thread makes me want to ask: Is there some basics to analyze synth sounds or other type of sounds (simple or complecated)in case to mimic them? If I heard a synth sound how can I tell if I can create the sound or not with my synthesizer of choice?
  11. Anyway I found it! Virtual MIDI Keyboard it's useless by itself so you need this also: MIDI Yoke both are free and works with any sequencer or stand alone VSTi, I use it with Reason and it works great
  12. I'm considering buying a midi controller very soon but this is not the case I just want to know if it's available or not because I think it will be a useful tool to have(to me at least).
  13. I know this is a feature available in FL studio but I am wondering if there is a software that will make the same thing avilable in Reason or Cubase or any stand alone VSTi... Does this thing exist?
  14. thanks I'm working on the points you've mentioned at the moment but I'm somehow stuck at the bass part, how can I sync the bassline with the kick? can you give me some hints?
  15. Thanks man I really appreciate your compliment it really means alot to me but to be honest I'm still a beginner and looking to improve my work and see my mistakes by your feedbacks so please don't hesitate to give me some. The track has been updated! I extend the track more, done some EQ and tried to vary the drums a little bit. hope you like it.
  16. Nice! I didn't hear the OST of 7th Saga but this is nice and I think it will fit the game perfectly, but I feel that the bells are a little high in velocity and it need to be reduced a little bit. overall this is cool. I like it
  17. I'm not sure yet! but I have some ideas that I will try, in the meanwhile any suggestions is acceptable. Probably if you done it yourself it will take the same time. Thank you all for your comments I will try to update it soon.
  18. This is somthing I come up in one hour, nothing fancy just a start point ,I'm looking to see how I'm doing so far so what do you think? should it be completed? any advice to improve it is aprreciated thanks. no title yet! Link
  19. This site is currently unavailable. If you are the owner of this site, please contact us at 1-480-505-8855 at your earliest convenience.
  20. What do you think of these keybords by Roland: EXR-40 http://www.roland.com/products/en/EXR-40_OR/index.html Price: 660 $ EXR-46 http://www.roland.com/products/en/EXR-46_OR/specs.html Price: 820 $
  21. I'll pay for this track if you want to post it to all members. what do you say deal?
  22. How about combining all these choices in one by making a tutorial in DIY song in any style of music you prefer... I mean how about an interactive step by step tutorial this time ...I'm not saying a tutorial on writing notes or chords but explaining detailed things going on in a song, like the things that you mansioned in your last post. just a suggestion. And by the way thanks for your past tutorials it's really helpful.
  23. I can here a weird sound at 2:02 like a hotmail messneger new message sound or something... or maybe my imagination best part 1:08-1:54
  24. When I right click the waveform and select 'Detect Tempo' in the Channel settings for a Sampler channel ,choosing one of the tempo ranges give me this error: "Access violation at address xxxxxxxx in module 'FLEngine.dll'. Read of address xxxxxxxx." I have this error since I upgraded to FL6.. anybody here have the same problem?
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