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  1. That's my favorite RPG you're referencing. The original soundtrack had some really great moments that were couched in the belly of mediocrity. That being said, the whole thing is really a great stomping ground for remixers, due to the fact that the great moments in the soundtrack could be worked in while the other stuff can be ignored.
  2. If I shut my eyes, I can still see those stinkin' spiders. This is excellent. The Roots have a very inventive approach to their hi-hop music in that they use rapper BlackThought's vocals as just another instrument in the mix. It creates a highly groove-oriented type of music. In this case, the same kind of thing is going on. By singing in Japanese, Jill Goldin creates an ambient kind of atmosphere that becomes another layer in the mix. I don't think the focus is as much on her voice as it is the mood that is created by the piece. That's the focus, and in that, it works. I could have
  3. 'Mighty' is indeed the right word. This is an incredible piece of music. This is what Wagner would do if he was on E. Dream likes.
  4. This kind of quality is the reason that I initially joined OCRemix. This track will probably end up on a mix. Adorable.
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