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  1. This is fuggin' awsome. I'll be listening to this for a long while right along with Magnetman Goes West.
  2. Those snaps, or clicks, or whatever they were, they ruined the song for me right away. If it wasn't for those it might be a good song, I dunno, I coulsn't finish listening to it.
  3. I wasnt able to review this remix when it came out cause i was too busy listening to it non-stop, ever since it came out it is the only song i have been listening too. This is awsome, the best, THE VERY BEST! It is so freackin kick-awsome-ass! So, best song on here, my opinion. Im still listening to it btw Also, i knwo this wasnt an actual review, but i cant concentrate with the song playing.
  4. Is it just me or is this one of the better of the recent submissions? Cause this is great. Nice, WONDERFUL EVEN! i miust say, Kudos to you S|r NutS!!
  5. HAHA! your right! thats awsome! this is a kick ass song btw, i am lovin it. We definatly need more Peppy Songs, I was gonna say Happy Hardcore, but this isnt "Hardcore" to me, but it is happy!
  6. I say its about damn time. And boy is it a good remix. As soon as teh first notes popped up i was like "awsome song to remix" and remixed so well. We all know my (and alot of others peoples opinions) about FFMQ with my wonderful thread i started http://remix.overclocked.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=11090&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=quest&start=0. It was very grand. about 1000 views. im so proud. but seriously we need to get more FFMQ remix's going here. and this is a damn good kick start.
  7. I know its a little late for this but still. This is my favorite remix of all time. I had to tell people (not like anyone will look but who gives a mullet) I love this remix because of the tons of instruments and sounds. To me you can not get better than tons of different sounds. IT IS HEAVEN IN MY HEAD!! DJPRETZEL IS GOD!! PRAISE HIM AS IF HE WERE KETCHUP (or catsup whatever you prefer) DO MORE OF THIS! please. please. 100 instrus and noises and sounds and everything else please!!1!one!
  8. This song is to damn Jovial for me. It is to happy and peppy. Its like freacking kids fun songs that you see in the commercials all the time.
  9. I would just like to add my two cents. which have been added by other people so if you want an interesting review skip over mine. Well i must say i can stand the intro either. if it was shorter i couldnt care less. but it is 20+ seconds long! the first 5 seconds it was mildly humourus. but 15 seconds later i was slamming my head into the keyboard. Good song though. great song. The beginning ruined it for me though. but i have already taken care of it. well there was my 4 half-cents. goodbye.
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