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  1. Freaking word. One of McVaffe's better. Don't neglect it if you don't like some of his earlier works! The beats easily get drawn out of focus, leaving atmosphere behind the blending more-foreground tunage (squishy/squeaky low synth thing mainly in the right ear, among quite a decent amount of other parts, like strings, definitely). Then you have the real foreground, being the melody. It's rather simple, yet kind of pretty. The piano that comes to its aid even has its own variety. Honestly I can't find anything wrong with this, and I'm usually bound to find something wrong in an OCR. Even the length is good. On top of this, it's become one of my personal favorites. It has lots of variation, despite what you might think at first, given the beat. Give this shit a chance, definitely.
  2. 2:13 - 2:53 is kinda annoying. Keeps the basis of the repetition going on the whole time, on top of an annoying melody. Afterwards it repeats the same thing except a lot better sounding, though still repetitious. I like everything before 2:13, though. By the time the cowbell is gone (at a good place to stop, though), the song doesn't seem like it really finishes even when it's doing all that varying percussion work and staticky-wind effects. I put this on a car cd thinking it was going to be awesome the whole way through, but compared to Assembly Line Apparitions being right before this track on the cd, it was rather weak after 2:13. Cool whole-song if you're obsessed over DKC. edit: seems like I like it more now somehow. The beginning still does sound really good, comparably.
  3. Listen to the background noises. Just one little section of Shadow's theme is repeated many times in this one, but if you just lay back and ignore that fact, you'll hear the greatness in the cooperation of the other sounds, which actually could be said to be there only because of the one repeating Shadow part. Plus, someone mentioned the high sounding whistle sound in the background reminded him/her of the original. So it's basically a completely different direction from the original, with good composition, yet still mysterious (and cool) like Shadow. Perhaps stick in the words Mysterious and Cool to replace I Must Listen To Conservative Remix of Shadow's Theme Or Else Fail, and your expectations will not suffer if you float the latter way. Actually, I'm thinking of Shadow's theme every second I listen to this because of that repeating line from the original. Cool and mysterious composition based on Shadow's theme. I can honestly say this is a really soothing piece at the same time, too. Nothing harsh sounding at all, even during the shreddy "guitar" part.
  4. Yes. I know all I have to do is create the site in the first place and see what happens. I could always convert everything I receive to massive different formats, and offer every single one of them via the bit torrent client: utorrent. All I would have to do is tell people to choose which format they want by using that program, unchecking everything by right clicking any box and selecting that option, then checking the ones of interest. I would try to use as little torrent files as possible. So yeah, if uh, someone wants to try this site idea out without torrents I'll have no complaints =).
  5. Torrents: there goes 95% the money motivation requirement. I'd offer them individually but gradually move toward bulk torrents, since in utorrent you can just pick and choose which songs you want. Other than that, I think it would be an extremely worthy investment of my time, because I really enjoy the remixes that I keep on my hard drive, but I don't want to be selfish, so I'll create a site that benefits at least a few others. Then again, I still don't have an example of what a difference from a 128kbps mp3 to a FLAC sounds like. Disco Dan's SnakeManGetsDown is only 112kbps, but I thought that was one of the best songs on the site at the time. It would be that much more enjoyable, possibly (no examples), if it was a little less muddy. Like I said earlier, there's also how the mix was mastered, among other things that could attribute to the song being muddy or whatever, so I might be running into a ton of variables here. This is why I think an example would be good. I don't really want to make something in Reason and find out myself, because I'd rather have someone who's more knowledgeable about quality produce an example.
  6. To get back on. This post of mine actually has some direction/progression of thought! So be forwarned. Geoffrey Taucer wrote: "It's not so much about immediate audible differences as the fact that when mixing, etc, it's a good idea to mix with lossless formats. You may not be able to tell the difference between a lossless version and a 320k mp3, but if you reincode that mp3 at 320k several times in the process of mixing and then compare it to the original, those differences are greatly magnified." What exactly is meant by "in the process of mixing"? I could always have people submit wav files and then have a bunch of tutorials on what to do to convert it to a variety of useful formats. Barf. Or do something like that AND allow 320kbps MP3s. But I won't do any of those things (FLACs and WAVs are pretty much interchangeable anyway, right? No loss between constantly converting those back and forth?) Below: Something to consider, for CompyFox I guess: yes, there are multiple things you can do to an MP3 to make it the most compressed without having practically anything be heard different by ear for 99% of the people who listen to it. But, for the purpose of my site (whatever it's going to be), I can't be listening to individual demands, or be giving advice on what to do before submitting to make whatever style arrangement sound the best while being the most compressed (since I would suck at that anyway, and would be impractical for anyone who wouldn't suck). So, why not just play it safe at 320kbps? Now that that is established, time to thrash it! -> if someone wanted to convert 320k to something lower for space saving issues, a FLAC type would be better, since there's that fact mentioned in the above quote (minus "in the process of mixing"). Saying all this comes to my temporary-once-again conclusion: FLAC would be the thing to do. Wouldn't any future lossless audio formats just have more compression ability? They're always going to be lossless, so no matter which lossless format I would do, I could always upgrade. I might be losing sight of some knowledge at this point... My original inquiry in the thread title was mainly to see about one aspect about distinguishability, but with all this input from these posts and the gradual move in the topic simply towards one subject: my site I want to create, it seems there's more to it than distinguishability. Having one standard format, lossless compression, for such a site seems like a good idea. Those lossless compressions could be converted to mp3s, or whatever, for that percentage of site-goers willing to seek out that one potential worth of having FLACs. At first I was thinking I would just do OCR. Then I thought of VGMix's upper tiers. But just now I thought, if I'm doing FLAC, which is hard to make remixers want to give in the first place, why not just make the site accept any vgremix from anywhere? More exposure. It would seem daunting for the average listener to download FLACs, but who knows when the times will change. If a site is made now, then there won't be regretting in the future. FLVGR.
  7. I first listened to this thinking the original could never be done justice except with an arrangement that basically made it another song altogether, like something done by djp () so I didn't like it then when it went against that. But when I listened the second and third time, I listened to it based on the fact that it pretty much was very much like the original, while still adding lots of good elements (DarkeSword Elements). Basically a huge reworking of the P.Drifts theme from the game, and it sounds good, because the feeling brought from the original is great (as those who played the game should know what to expect). Download if you like the original a little or a lot. Or just download it if you like good wintery smooth music with appropriate ambient percussion, but definitely not too ambient.
  8. Yeah, uh I guess I forgot about compatibility. More reason to think about 320 MP3 or whatever. Like I said, there's still time for I make such a site (and more time to discuss whatever needs to be discussed). "unless they're doing their own hosting (highly unlikely) or using a dedicated server that allows them to install scripts and shit, that's never gonna happen." Who's they? My friend is doing all the coding. I'm hoping to learn something in the summer or in the fall from a class (I'm not too motivated without a class). If he makes a good way for me to update it not involving too much code, I can run it. We won't be doing the hosting and we won't have a dedicated server. But...I'll leave that at that.
  9. So, to summarize and add some things: --Bandwidth issue on user upload - some remixers might not be interested in that for what it's worth, especially if using FLAC. But would it have any benefit for remixers to have a site full of lossless/higher encoded versions of their works? --More standardized lossless forms will eventually come. I heard that FLAC is the most compressed lossless format right now (might be wrong), but then that just leaves the question of whether or not there will be way better/standardized lossless formats in the future anyway. --I'd say the majority of people don't care or don't even know anything about kbps. That doesn't mean it won't be more enjoyable at much higher quality rates, though. I mainly thought of doing this for myself, but might as well have others benefit. It would help if I had some examples between a 128kbps-160kbps remix and 320kbps MP3 or FLAC of the same remix. I definitely won't be taking any source files themselves.
  10. First off, apology to TCK, since I didn't quite understand what you were talking about in your second to last post. Didn't know if you were pro-FLAC or what. So, Taucer's post could be seen as advice to remixers in general? Would it be something I have to consider for my site? And yes, getting something out of all the massive OCRs of the past will not heed large percentages, but all the recent mixes and future mixes have way better chances. Might as well start "now". I mean, I understand http is really convenient, and at that convenience there can't be insane file sizes going around, but, especially if it was a FLAC site, the place will basically be roaming with audiophiles, and they will go to the unconventional ways if needed. Yeah, that's me. Not that torrents are hard to understand or even new. Okay well. As soon as I actually create such a site, it will gather a bit more attention, and then I can make a poll/discussion on whether it should be FLAC or something else. Hm. Given TCK's opinion, I am getting the feeling that there would be a benefit to FLAC files other than just so listeners can get their jollies.
  11. The part where the main theme kicks in with the loud synth...just sounds SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good. It's a shame it doesn't last longer or doesn't do more stuff, though its melody is then later carried by various thing, along with a very memorable grace note piano chord sequence. It's a very unique melody, though repetitive. Its main focus is that of being around a repeating 1 to 7 pitch, or one less than an octave (I wish I was more precise in my definitions), which leads to its unique sound apparently, as I noticed when doing it on the piano. The samples are nice. Nicer than BD's other stuff I think.
  12. I dunno. All I know is that there are a ton of 128kbps MP3s on this site, and the difference is completely noticable, unless I'm dumb and a douche. All I want is to offer the chance to those artists interested in re-encoding their source files to 320kbps (or something like that, but definitely not FLAC; dunno what similar options there are to 320kbps MP3s [OGG Vorbis?]). I think I have enough ideas and content for the site in mind that it would be a useful site. If it isn't, then I've learned a valuable lesson somewhere along the line probably. I also realize that raising the bit rate won't do everything. Something might not be mastered right to make me believe something in any particular song could be fixed with a higher bit rate. I was thinking of also giving a chance to fix mastering as well by allowing newly mastered OCRs, but then that wouldn't really stay true to the essense of the site being one that has OCR mp3s at a higher bit rate. I don't want to be another remixing community. I won't even have a General Discussion -- just some useful forum here and there. I also realize not everyone keeps their source files, which I think is really not a good idea, but what can I do =). Also, they might have already upgraded, or it could have been unfortunately deleted by a hard drive crash or what have you, which I hear about WAY too often. Kind of disheartening.
  13. Cool. Given that, unless more people want to discuss FLAC vs. 320kbps, I've made my decision (320kbps all the way, until maybe like 2050 when everything's uber ultimate and I'll be dead) while getting a little bit of info, so I won't mind if the thread is locked. Or, it will probably die out on its own. And no, you are not having deja vu. I posted something similar to this in general discussion. Not a good idea, for me anyway. Though, I think I had a little less clarity when I did that.
  14. Kind of repeats too much at the end, along with having too little stuff going on at that time. Other than that, at the 9 second mark it sounds so fucking pro it's not even funny. The main gist one can get out of this is great, though the ending kinda leaves it non-memorable. Kick it up for this one sticking on the hard drive, with basically 20% of all OCRs, of a random person you've never met (me)! The guitar sound could end up being too grating on the ears, but the first half of the song is where it's at.
  15. Reason being is I'm thinking of starting a site (probably with torrents for each song) where people submit their OCRemixes at either 320kbps or using FLAC. I'm sure the public would appreciate the hard disk space being saved on their computers if I went with 320kbps, but then in the future (possibly quite a bit in the future) I might as well have just started doing FLAC. 100 terabyte hard drives anyone? Even then, there are those who won't be able to buy those even WAY FARTHER in the future. So it's more leaning toward 320kbps right now. It's not only headphones, but speakers. Even crappy speakers seem to get a nice range of treble and bass sounds, so with a decent to awesome speakers, I wonder if the difference would be more noticable in the bass and treble. I think I myself would be better at picking out discrepancies in bass than in treble. I'd imagine your body could even tell differences better than your ears, but these are just my wonderings.
  16. I heard that 320kbps is totally indistinguishable by the human ear. But then FLACs came out. There has to be some point to FLAC then, right? Perhaps with a really ear-worthy human and some extremely audiophilic headphones, someone could pick out some differences between the two. Anyone have any idea at all? I know WAVs are 1411kbps or something like that, and heard that's way overkill, and is only used as a standard for .CDA because it fits on a standard CD fully, without having tons of songs on a CD by one artist (I just made that very last part up, maybe. Wait, the whole sentence might not make sense. asoifjoiwfja). (Please read forward in the thread a bit before coming to any conclusions)
  17. My sentiments exactly. there a higher bitrate version of this? I think a couple of my friends would be like ARGH THIS IS TOO HARSH 128KBPS LOL. Please thanks. Dunno if it would actually sound better. I never really get higher bit rate versions from OCRemixers so I'm just assuming it could be a lot more enjoyable when it might sound a lot the same. I wonder if people who say such things as this realize how freaking weird it sounds.
  18. Protricity. Ok... did you know this song was never actually submitted? DJPretzel posted it on his own whim... and I think it's awesome that he did. I really don't care if you hate this song... but before you go bashing it, just take a step back and realize that it's people like you who've kept me from writing anything new in the last four years. Suikoden II was my swan song, and that's that. Love it or hate it, it's here to stay. --- Haz The only thing stopping you is yourself. Change comes from within. Home is where the heart is. Or in this case, somewhere in Kakariko village.
  19. Or wait for Revolution (possibly), or buy an SNES. Much better experience, being one of the better SNES games anyway....mainly cause of the musiccccc. May start out poop game but it gets better as you travel to many places and get to travel the world. For the remix I used to love Wingless stuff but somehow most of their appeal has gone away (most of them became too quiet and monotonous to my ears, even his Silent Hill one, which I still think is good compositionally, but I guess my ear have started to move i mean suck, to put the blame on myself). THIS mix however is still way good because of the chord progressions teamed up with the more complex-sounding piano (as I say this from memory). Has the feeling of Secret of Mana without sounding directly like the source tune, yet still derived perfectly.
  20. 1:38, just that one second, should have been the whole song. Looped over and over. Play it loud. I'm a fan of constantly changing music, so I think the last section should have brought something more to the table, even if the main melody would still be there.
  21. Agreed 100% The middle section is so good. Complete juxtaposition that works. I'm glad I don't hate rap because it's one of the best things ever, and I used to hate it til I stopped being gay.
  22. Short Jingles work well for intro's and outro's to different CD's. Unless they suck. Don't want the project to suck now =)
  23. It took that long to clarify that? *me tries to root for one person but hopes every single song is a collaboration of madness like advertised as potentially happening*
  24. One of his best remixes. I say this after listening to so many others thinking they are his best, such as the recent Starfox one, and the Xenogears (among a few others during this time) one a couple years ago, and Revival Day Impoetus as my very first OCR song (many years ago). Even after so much time the kits used together for this piece remain fresh and lively, all the while the sound quality isn't nearly faltered, even if the production isn't as good as his latest two (I'd say even that's only a slightly bit lessened for this piece, too). I remember hearing this not thinking it was all that. It was probably that introduction that turned me off SOMEHOW. Not too long ago I started listening to this and realized its guitar wailing solo effect-crazy crazy-goodness slight-cheese musicality. Definitely agree with someone above me's comment on the piano supporting the mix in the way mentioned about being carefree. Of course, I very personally just like this kind of lead-wailing music, fitting in the right tones anyway (not any of that random solo crap in other songs), in which this one happens to fit. Of course my fandom of full-sound-field-implemented not-noob music fitting with the wailing is also fulfilled. If you like his recent songs, I advise to stear clear of old-song prejudice and listen to this one. I could listen all day.
  25. Hi. I am Audity, formerly known as Oddity, formerly known as World of Ruin, dating back almost half a dozen years. What can I say? It's been awhile since I first visited this site back in the day. My way of posting you will find does not bode well with people as it seems too wordy or conflicted (EITHER THAT OR I PERFORM ONE WRONG ACTION AND THERE IS NO MERCY FOR HOURS AS A RESULT), but hopefully people can come to get used to it or even possibly enjoy it! Enough of that. Here's an OCR history post of mine I saved from a long time ago. --------------------------------- First time I started getting into music must have been when my mom got a Weird Al cassette dealing with all his songs with spoofs about food. In my drunken stupor of laughing in the car with a bunch of family members, I remember liking just about every song. All the time before, I never listened to the radio much, being raised in a super Christian household. Plus, both my parents dislike modern music (but somehow joke modern music is fun to listen to) so I never even really knew about it. Some amount of time passed, and we thought of getting another cassette of his music. I'm sure at about this time, I was given a walkman, complete with mini speakers and headphones. I listened to that thing a lot. One day I switched off the cassette and turned on the radio to FM. Embarrasing as it is to say this, a song by Aqua called Candyman was on about the second song through, and I was really diggin' it (I wouldn't want to hear that song ever again nowadays). I kept listening but nothing really reached the "greatness" that was Candyman. My older brother, involved in this Weird Al and walkman stuff at the same time, turned out to be one step ahead of me by being on the internet and downloading songs. Eventually, he showed me this "new mp3 format" which makes music audible and is ultra condensed in size. He was searching for random sites and somehow came across a site with the address: It was a short time before he and I searched for video game mixes (he seemed to be getting into techno 'n' stuff one step ahead of me). One of the first things I remember hearing in this genre was that Final Fantasy Prelude mix by "Disco Diablo". Music was so much more interesting back then when I had no sense of rhythm or of how songs worked IN ANY WAY. After giving up my search for more songs by Disco Diablo, more time was spent finding songs like djp's, whom I didn't know it was by at the time, Hyrulian mix ("Keith, you should look for mixes of Zelda"). It was time to upgrade from to Napster. It took some time, but eventually I searched for "Video Game Music Remixes". A list came up of songs with all them somewhere having "OVERCLOCED" (unexistant "K" and it being caps is the way it was). Somewhere the words Chrono Trigger caught my eye. Two of my favorite video game songs I remember were Frog's and Magus's themes. Not knowing from where the original of a song titled Revival Day Impoetus came from, I gave it a listen. The strings started up, and I was in awe of how they struck me with thoughts I don't even remember but are very nostalgic to me now anyhow. I just kept on listening. It must have been the best song I had ever heard from the duration of my birth to that moment. I listened to more songs that were still, even after hearing that, very pleasant to my ears. I searched for OVERCLOCED on the web and got who cares what. Realizing my stupidity, I added the K in there and clicked on a reasonable result. It was the base OC Web site. I looked around the front page for awhile, not seeing anything about remixing (I don't think I even knew about control F at this point in life). I even read some comics found in that one section, and left the area even more confused after reading them. I couldn't find what I wanted...for just a day's passing, thankfully. I found its orangeness, lived through its moments, wondering how I would ever download all these mixes, saw its first downfall due to bandwidth or something, downloaded 90% of its mixes on a mirror which included a depressing gray background (no, not VGmix1.0), and witnessed the duel of the fates (OCR+VGM split). I downloaded all the mixes I could, finding, at one point, myself struggling between deleting things that were so horrifically bad sounding, and, at another point, I felt I had to have a complete set/mirror of everything including the ones I didn't care about. What can I say? The site just made me all warm and fuzzy during the latter. Many effects of excitement have worn off this site now, fallen victim to every day involvement and knowledge about anything and everything (hustle and bustle). As an extra, when I joined the forums, I read some posts and eventually saw some posts from Spram. From then on I decided his way of posting seemed useful for me to mimic. I don't remember what my first post was. ---------------------------- Unfortunately since then, I've gone the way of permanent deletion in that I have made my own official OCR playlist without regard to random life passers-by's musical tastes. ENOUGH OF THE PAST! I now play Beatmania IIDX as a rhythm game of the ultimately superior kind (other games in the back of my mind yet always there, awaiting to come out again), listen to VGRemixes via playlists, finally decided my career as a Computer & Information Sciences major, am willing to talk to people who talk to me, and, as always, am way too nice at times and help people out in a long-timed fashion. Recently quit Wal-mart and am going to school next semester full-time+3 with no job as a result of finally figuring out my career. I hope to learn piano one day, along with some other interesting instruments. I've already started lessons. I just need to practice more, which I haven't been doing (much) for a year+. I also hope to be knowledgeable about all things AUDio, aka remixing equipment etc. yay impossible fun. Currently enrolled in my parents' house, I hope to retire with my own home, where my new life will be born. I will gain much more independency, and therefore not want to waste so much time. But at heart I feel I will always be as I have always been (and am now obviously), which is lazy and willing to seemingly waste time on the internet talking with very limited people (each of them close friends), ranging from nonsensical matters to the improvement of the mind in many nuances of life. Basically, if you talk to me a lot, you will end up being a close friend. If you aren't, it will start out okay but then you will run away screaming, either publically or privately. However, these may be generalizations.