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  1. Actually, it's リミックス.

    The funny thing is that the correct spelling has been on this website's banner for quite some time: オーバークロックドリミックス. :D

    Great piano arrangement! I think it's the best I've seen on this site - excellent work indeed.


    I'm glad to hear about the inclusion of UTF-8 into the site as well. It's excited getting a more international flavor in remixes!

  2. Great mix! Yes, this track was a little too popular, but thankfully I haven't heard it in quite some time (so I can appreciate this mix more). It's definitely got something that's different from what I'm used to hearing on OCR, and I really like it!


    I'd definitely love to see more of the Japanese community welcomed here (and other nationalities, for that matter). I'm not sure what impact this would have on the site design, but it might be a good idea to have some of the content translated by some trusted (and fluent) volunteers.

  3. After listening to it a couple times, the repetitiveness of the main part of the song gets a bit old, but the thing that saves it is the huge variation in instruments. I loved the different methods used in this track! I agree that it does sound a lot like Sephire's previous FF7 submission at parts, but I think this one definitely has more variety to it overall. I also really liked the subtle use of sound effects in this remix.

    Very well done! Keep at it and you'll be blowing us all away with many mind-blowing tracks in no-time! :)

  4. I'm not completely sure why, but this mix didn't really vibe with me overall. There were small portions of it that I thought were very cool, creative, and well done, but I think maybe I found this piece slightly boring (to your credit, I don't think there's much to work with in the source track). I also didn't really like the quality of the instruments that I heard during the louder parts of the mix - particularly at the very end of the song. I'm no expert, but things sounded a bit MIDI to me.

    Congrats on the good review score though. The arrangement in this track was definitely great. Keep the remixes coming!

  5. You guys must be smoking something. The original is a beautiful track, and made it to the official FFVIII rearrangement album as a breath-taking orchestrated piece.

    I agree, great source track and the rearrangement that Leah speaks of is awesome - FFVIII had some good stuff in it. I wish there were more remixes out for this game, but the sound track is fairly mellow overall and probably harder to work with.

    This remix was great. I enjoyed the sound quality and production very much. I was, however, hoping to hear a bit more variation from the original source - you know, a bit more spice to get things exciting :). Great stuff either way, though.

  6. Very cool song. This is also the first remix I've seen with album art - nice touch! Overall, I liked this track. It was nice and chill and had a sweet beat. Also, the transition at 1:15'ish was great!

    I have to agree with most of the negative comments too, though. I would have liked to hear a bit more variety. There was definitely some, but it wasn't particularly noticeable.

    This might have been iPod-worthy had it not been for the ending. I really don't understand what the intention was right there. It hurt my ears, too. :(

  7. At first I thought I was listening to a Jenova remix which would've been cool, but I was still very pleased :)

    I'm sorry, I read that and thought it was really funny! Probably because I totally understand. :)

    Regarding this mix, however...this is great! A few specific notes:

    1) I liked the drums, I'm not sure what everyone else was hatin' about.

    2) This has vocals that I think are actually good (I was less impressed with the vocals on your last CT mix - big improvement IMO this time around). I was very pleased with the harmonizing and think they played a huge role.

    3) I didn't care for the source track on the Chrono Cross OST - but I really like this rendition of it! That's a great accomplishment for any remixer, if you ask me!

    Nice work pixietricks. I like how you add a unique flavor and style to ocremix.org. Keep doing what you're doing!

  8. I wanted to go to bed, but after hearing this remix, it would have been morally wrong for me to remain silent and not comment.

    With that said...fantastic track! This was a great source track too, but the creativity that went into the remix is something that must be recognized, IMO. I absolutely loved it! Fun beat, great dramatic effects, great balanced use of electronic sounds, never boring, good stuff! Absolutely iPod-worthy.

    Okay, now I can sleep. :)

  9. I wait for the return of bLiNd.

    I wait for the return of McVaffe!

    Anyways, I don't agree with the progressive decline in quality either. I've been seeing more games that I don't recognize, but I'm definitely finding tracks that I've loved (meaning, they are worthy of iPod status). A few examples from the last few months include NoppZ's Hyrule Dance Party (AWESOME Mix...Zelda 64), zyko's At First Innocence (Seiken Densetsu 3), Blue Magic's The Delay (DKC 2)...this is some great stuff and I only download a sampling of what's posted!

    I also strongly agree with the person who said the quality has been increasing over the years. My only gripe is that I wish these quality tracks would get released more frequently! ;-)

  10. Sweet Remix! I really liked the intro and how it leads into the main part. Good rhythm and use of sound effects throughout. It's not a style that gets me super-excited, but I really like what you did with this. There's a lot going on in this mix that can be easy to miss if one doesn't play close attention!

    As a software engineer, I'm definitely feeling the tech-love for sure on this one. 8-) Good stuff!

  11. The thing that bothered me the most about this mix was actually the discussion on the judges panel. I wasn't bothered by the critique or disagreements but was definitely put off by how defensive people on both sides were getting. IMO, defensiveness doesn't accomplish anything except to suggest immaturity - especially when it escalates into personal attacks. Really not necessary.

    That said, my opinion of the mix is that it was great! I couldn't quite tell it it had a Far East on-a-chinese mountain feel or if it were a lonely wild-western desert feel to it. Either way, the way the guitar was used seemed to add emotion which I thought was great. I didn't like the "music box", however, as it sounded too MIDI to me (especially when everything else sounded more natural). Someone also mentioned timing issues in a few places which I also didn't like. Those kinds of things would be acceptible to me if they were more consistent, but they were spread out thus causing a distraction.

    Anyways, this is a great submission and I'm glad it ultimately came through - even if the process was painful. Good source track, good emotional appeal, good choice of instruments, good atmosphere; good stuff.

  12. I think there may be something wrong with the file I downloaded. The first time I played it in Winamp, it reported that the length was 5:44. The second time, it said 6:37. Third time was 7:03. Fourth was 6:29. I think the actual length is closer to 5:15.

    I like the idea of what was done but don't necessarily like how it was executed. Two things that I didn't agree with: 1) The transitions didn't seem to make sense to me, meaning that they didn't sound smooth and the sounds that were played felt noisy and random. There also didn't seem to be any element that connected one theme to the others. 2) would be sound quality. Normally, this is forgiveable, but for this particular genre, I think quality is critical in order to make it believable. I'm sure there were some technical limitations, but I feel the samples could have been much better, and in some places I felt that volume was substituted for proper emphasis (i.e. notes should have been played softly instead of quietly if that makes any sense). I think more instruments also would have helped.

    Another thing about this genre is that these types of pieces are usually very long. Cramming three musical themes down into 5 minutes makes it hard to appreciate any of them. I can understand the reasoning why one would leave it short, though. File size and patience of listeners.

    Anyways, I'm not trying to pick this apart but just give my overall impression. Let it be known, however, that I loved the Death Mountain theme starting at 2:40! That rocked and I felt it was the most passionate part of the mix. I think you could have easily just taken this theme and made it its own remix.

    I look forward to checking out some of your other work.

  13. Awesome remix! I think part of what made listening to this remix especially fun was trying to figure out the original tracks were (it's extremely satisfying when you figure it out for yourself).

    I really liked how all of the sections mixed together very well. It felt pretty natural to me and the mix seemed to have some really good flow. The thing I'm the most impressed about is the rearrangement of the themes. IMO, NoppZ did an EXCELLENT job reinventing these themes to flow with that fresh funky beat.

    NoppZ, this is the first mix I've heard from you since I joined OCR. Your talent inspires me! I hope to hear more from you in the future! Good stuff. 8)

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