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  1. Though your sig is giving me nightmares, I can't think of a single negative thing to say about your music. I normally hate rap, but what you're doing is beautiful.
  2. This mix has but one downfall: the introduction of the guitar. It just feels out of sync. Im not sure if thats a noise gate issue or something else, but i focus on it every time i listen to this song. Once the guitar is going, it carries itself excellently. To the point where i completely forget about what i just said. By about 1:50, the tune is really quite pretty, isnt it? Yes, very much so! Please never stop using real instruments! It adds so very much!
  3. M. BISON STREET FIGHER 2 TURBO (super nintendo) Turbo level 4 Difficulty 7 IM-fucking-POSSIBLE
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