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  1. Here's my opinion: while getting someone to produce your mixes may satisfy your short-term goals of getting a mix onto the site (if i am guessing your goals correctly), learning how to both write and produce will help you out more in the long run. Doing the seperate writing and production thing may work ok now, but I think that it will stifle your creativity and what you will learn and be able to create. For example, if you plan on learning how to score for computer instruments, you're going to have to learn the nuances of your tools rather than have someone try and follow just your midi notes and ship it back to you. I guess I could elaborate more if you need me too, but my main point is this: I think it'll help you grow more as an artist to learn how to both write and produce, and growing as artists is what we're all after here. So, let's all play nice together and try to help each other out. Sweet. If you have any questions, post em in here and I'll try to answer.
  2. You can also try http://www.tindeck.com. They're more of a dedicated audio uploading place.
  3. I just bought Komplete 3, so we can learn how to use reaktor together, sound cool?
  4. TO DO: Learn how to use my new toys. One year of saving paid off (not pictured, Cubase SX3)
  5. It was written with Reason 2. But I saved the .rps with v2.5 so i don't know which it'll take to open it. Oh and by the way, if anyone needs some space to put their .rps files, just let me know and you can put it on my hosting if you want.
  6. Been meaning to do this one for a while. It's the .rps file of my Synthetic Demon (E1M5) mix from the game Doom. Check it out if you feel like it, it's about 26mb though, so be prepared to wait a bit. http://www.scottpeeples.com/music/Reason_Files/synthetic_demon.rps
  7. That was done intentionally on the arpeggio, and I don't hear how it clashes with the rest of the notes. Also, there is a re-remix, http://scottpeeples.com/content/view/71/28/
  8. Heh, Mustin, maybe there aren't more reviews of this song because you're thinking about "Little Mac's Confession"? Just a thought, sweetie-poo. -Scott
  9. I just want to say this mix is most excellent, and I feel it captures the feel of the Doom franchise much more than my Doom mix. Great work, that is all.
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