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  1. Just saw the movie and it was very good! Liked all the nod and winks to the original show. Also, it culminated what I always liked about the first series, the wild western in space action w/ scifi-y moral overtones. Not exactly so much morals in the new film, but was great action and CG shots.

  2. For the people bitching about the colors:

    Please shut off the computer now, and go outside. Oh wait sorry forgot outside is way too bright too. Fuck, better go hide in your dark corner and type stupid shit about Starcraft. STAY AWAY FROM THE LIGHT

  3. Kate's license plate is 4QKD695

    / = divided by

    ... = repeating

    ~ = approx.

    4/6/9/5 = 0.148148148148148148148...

    However if you round up, (or has a calc that rounds up) it'll be

    0.14814814814814815 or ~0.15

    5/9/6/4 = 0.023148148148148148148148...

    Yeah I couldn't sleep yet.

  4. All the gameplay units move so fluidly and realistically, from the rocketpack liftoffs of the reapers to the destuction of ship parts falling to the ground. Pardon me I have to wipe off my keyboard...

  5. Actually, it's much more 50/50 than most people think. Of course noody but Blizzard has the actual stats, but they will shuffle people around on servers to maintain balance by offerring them free character transfers, etc. It's pretty balanced. What changes it is the number of Alliance and Horde actually logged in to a server, which even Blizzard has no control over. Also, if they had a dedicated server, there's no reason they couldn't put in a gating system to make sure the balance is upheld.


    I don't want to turn this into a WoW thread so I'll just post this nice link so you can see how outnumbered Horde is.

  6. I would be all about a Starcraft MMO, as long as it looks as good as EVE without being as boring as EVE was. Another thing I wish Blizzard would do in their next game: Allow players to take territories. Hell, I wish they'd implement it in Warcraft. Right now, it's either Horde, Alliance, or contested, and it doesn't change. I think it'd be wicked awesome if each area in the game had a series of 'flash points' that could be taken over by the other factions. Once a group holds all the hot points in an area against all comers for say, three days to a week, control of the territory goes to that faction. I understand a lot of people would hate that, but if they made it a PvP only thing, or even put up four or five dedicated servers, it would rock my socks. I think it would be INSANE to actually have a war in Warcraft.

    Yeah it sounds good in theory, but in the game it would be 85% (or more) of the time the Alliance would hold those points. The Horde is sorely out numbered on all servers. No one wants to be a big green hulk, a smurf with tusks, a big cow, a smelly zombie, or a pointy-eared pale junkie bimbo. :<:(

    As for Blizz's next-gen MMO I really think it'd have to be Diablo orientated. As much as I'd like a SC MMO, I don't see how much it'd be different from WoW, except with maybe ship combat and flight. SC was really just WC IN SPACE (lol) however SC was much more balanced and evovled than, say WC2 to WC3.

  7. Druids are hybrid classes as well, doing a reasonable job at healing (caster/tree form), dps (in cat or moonkin form, as a rogue or mage respectively) or tanking (bear form).

    Druids can do all those jobs as good or in some respects better than the said "dedicated" class. All by just switching forms. Druids are just an everything/utility class to fill in for a missing class in groups (Most likely HEALING lol). Blizz really screwed with bear form recently though making it harder to keep aggro and lowering bear dps.

    Shammies and Pallys cannot really expect to match up to be great at all of those. But a Druid will be able to gear up for any one of the forms.

  8. Question for the gurus out there.

    If I give in to peer pressure that's kinda been on and off the past year and a half to play this darn game, what race and class would you suggest? Overpowered and easy to play for a newb would be a bonus. I can play healer or tank or whatever role from my experiences in other MMO's, being useful in the lategame and/or PvP also a plus. I tend to prefer hybrid classes to fill many roles but specialization not a problem if it's feasible.

    From my little reading I'm leaning on Draenei Paladin/Cleric, or Undead Mage/Tauren Druid (not sure which side will be focused on since my friends tend to jump around on both side).

    For hybrid classes in WoW you got Paladin and Shaman.

    Paladins are focused on defense.

    Shamans are focused on offense.

    Both are support classes, but can gear up (and through talents) to be good in healing, melee, and magic damage.

    In endgame both are usually support healers/main healers as healers are always in short supply.

    In PvP pallys got the toughness, heals, and buffs to be the bane of enemy players. Shammys in PvP mostly lays totems and holds off/DPS the enemy from casters and can range cast themselves. Just remember that both classes are support and are easily pounded down if you try to charge in and be a "hero".

  9. Ok maybe I should say that the big guns haven't been drawn yet. It's just too early too tell what's gonna happen. I know I'm holding off on buying any new-gen system at all until a price drop happens or more titles (that I'm interested in) are available. Got too many PS2 and DS games to beat right now anyway....

  10. The 360 already has quite a bunch of amazing games...I just think awareness of them might be more towards the hardcore though. The Wii has its own killer app with Wii Sports so far too, as well as the early Zelda.

    Well, as for the Wii, yes it has those great games, but Wii Sports is a pack in. I don't know a lot of people who are buying a Wii for Wii Sports. Zelda as good as it is, is also available for the Gamecube so not really exclusive. Mainly I think the Wii is so popular because of it's uniqueness, price, and simplicity. The X360, I was probably leaning towards Halo 3 as its killer app. PS3 will have MGS4 and/or FF13 whenever they come out. Most of the software will be coming out this year so we'll see what happens.