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  1. Far as games go, they are not nearly as damaging to the Psyche as movies are. I can't remember which movie it was, maybe The Expandables or one of those new action movies with Sylvester Stallone, or whatever.. point is there was a scene where this guy is anally raping a girl for like 10 minutes saying "YOUR ASS IS SO TIGHT" over and over again and her clearly traumatized trying to get away. I don't care how explicit you get in those niche games like that Jap rape simulator, as that is targeted for jacked up people in the first place. Mainstream movies that have screwed up scenes like that (wh
  2. For a second I thought it was Super Mario Bros Z., but the Megaman thing threw me off and I don't think it's that.. But SMBZ is still pretty cool with the DBZ sound effects and all :3
  3. Straight up scary indeed man. Especially with the instructions on decapitation running through the creepiness of the song. D:
  4. I think it was called Alien Soldier, you're like some white bird-looking dude blasting all these aliens, on Sega Genesis I think. I didn't actually play it on the Genesis, a family member just had it on his computer and introduced me to emulated stuff. So I'm sitting there playing the whole night, 13 years old, listening to a loop of Baby Got Back for 8 hours till I beat the game. It was awesome. That, and playing Battlefield 2: Modern Combat + Ace Combat 4 with my nephews for the week I was at their house. Never knew a game could have such epic music like Ace Combat, sure do love that stuff
  5. Sorry if anyone already said this, but this looks remarkably like a 3D starcraft mod from a while back. Well not entirely, but this does look pretty cool. Especially that thing that creates blackholes and is like a floating fortress.
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