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  1. Thanks! I've toned down the pads there a bit, should fix the piercyness ^^
  2. Hey Guys I've made a number of electro DKC2 covers, and even posted one or two here. That was a while ago though. Yeah, moving on: [DKC2] Thermocosm 4:21 It would be amazing to have someone listen to my latest track. Any and all feedback is welcome. I've been using Reason for a little over a year now, but still don't understand some of the essential concepts it seems... Thanks to anyone who reads this post Double thanks to anyone who listens
  3. Thanks! I've removed two of the thickest synths, one being a very grinding bass that muddled things up. I lengthened the song and included more original content. Thanks for the feedback! Thanks again! It's one of my favorites- been wanting to do this one for a while. I've finished the mix, now it's ~ 2:46. Still not too long, but really the best I could do without just dragging it out. I've done everything you suggested, thanks! If anyone would like to hear the finished thing (I've been working on it far longer than today, just decided to post it here for a few finishing pointers.) the link is here: Bash the Baddies
  4. Source:: "Token Tango." Remix:: Bash the Baddies [2:46] [Finished!] Original Composer:: David Wise Would anyone give it a listen? I'm still very new to music production. I posted another DKC2 remix in here about a month ago and got some really helpful feedback and constructive words. This song does have a segment that DKC2 players might recognize as "Swanky's Bonus Bonanza," but it's not. It just happens to be the same theme as the bonus intro segment. My main concern is, of course, the length, but I also am in love with those NES-sounding square synths. I don't know if I used too many or need more variety. Any help would be great! Thanks to anyone who reads this or posts
  5. I find that that lead piano is waayy too quiet and often clashes with the bassline synth. But the bells are a nice creative touch. All around, I like how it sounds.
  6. Oh wow. Thanks for all the feedback. Working on all the goodies you pointed out. If not deleting them, then changing and lessening them. Haha bees is a nice way to describe it. Anyway, two weeks later I've fixed a few errors and messed around with the mastering. I think I get it? But still a little clueless on how to EQ it properly and such. Better intro, better synths (some of them), and better, shorter arrangement. New link
  7. Oh god this is great. Somebody provide vocals before I have to go buy a mic.
  8. Ah, I didn't know this song has been done before- other than the 'From Within' guitar arrangement. And yeah, the orchestra hits are not too great. Previously I had worse ones. Can not find good samples x.x Thanks!
  9. I'm no expert, and I didn't know the original song, but I still like this. I love that steady guitar that keeps strumming the bass line- was that recorded?
  10. Thanks! Again with the timing... I'm listening for it, and hopefully fixed some things up. It's all synthesized, except for a few recorded samples. Glad to hear Thanks a lot for all the feedback. Nice to know as a newcomer to the production field, as well as being nowhere near most of the other composers here, that I can still get nice comments Here's the most recent version, after fixing a few of the problems noticed and lengthening the track. Excavate.mp3 [2:58]
  11. I believe the dissonant notes are a steel drum-ish sample I have going for ambience, but I kind of planned on making it toneless. I can work with those. Thanks!. Thanks! I'm working with everything you pointed out. Except for mastering... I'm not the greatest. I haven't tried on this song yet, though. I'll work on that. And for the record, I started with Reason this christmas when I got it, but I've been playing drums, piano for 7 years and read up on some music theory. Thanks again
  12. Work in Progress - forgot to title that... Using Reason 4.0 - which I'm totally new at. I've been into the whole remixing/producing scene for barely over 3 months by now, and finally got around to trying my hand at this game. One of my favorite tracks from Donkey Kong Country 2 soundtrack, 'Kannon's Klaim,' always stood out to me as so emotional and vastly epic. Attempting to recreate that is something I hope I could someday do, but right now all I'm hoping is that I don't get hammered too hard and that I didn't destroy the song's beauty quite so much. Excavate.mp3 [1:26] Excavate.mp3 [2:58] can.non.claim.mp3 [3:03] can.non.claim.mp3 [3:04] Current If you would, give it a listen? And if you are kind enough, tell me what I need to fix up. One of those nice checklists would be super cool. It's short, but its got all the elements in it. From there, all I need is to repeat everything a few times. Again, I'm new at this sort of thing...
  13. Katamari Damacy (PS2) has one of the best theme songs of all time. A remix of the main track "Katamari on the Rocks" would be a perfect addition the the OCR. Anyone else think so?
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