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  1. Man, Nintendo knows how to feed off of my innate desire to catch 'em all. I wonder how often Trophy Stands will appear?...

    And as long as we're picking favorite Sonic songs... I'll go, as I always do, with boss themes. (preferebly the one from Sonic 2.) But I don't doubt they'll help themselves to some modern Sonic, so my pick for the recents is Sonic Advance's Secret Agent Zone or whatever it's called.

  2. I have a feeling the Orpheon Frigate will be best understood when seen in action - the screenshots are a little unclear. Maybe it's just me, though.

    And Porky's theme - I have mixed feelings on. Does it sound sufficiently Smash-ful to everybody else?... I mean, if it's just me...

  3. ...

    He HAS to run out sooner or later.

    It's like a monkey throwing its feces at you. Eventually, the monkey will run out of crap to throw, and producing more crap is not worth the effort, so he has to instead start throwing the bricks of solid gold that have been lying around.

    As metaphors go, it needs work, but I think I've made my point. I'm willing to endure short showers of shit for an eventual 24 carats.

  4. I just started going through Super Mario RPG and I just got Geno. Why do people like him so much? Will I find out later in the game? Does he transform into Jenova or something?

    1. Cool character concept - ie. the whole 'possessed puppet' thing.

    2. Cool moves. Geno Whirl, Geno Blast, Geno Flash, Geno Beam, Geno Boost... he may be kind of self-centered, I guess, if you go by the move names, but he has the right to be.

    3. He can shoot pretty much anything out of his extremities. His index finger is a small minigun, his forearms are rocket-powered, he can fire cannonballs from his elbows, and - oh, what else? A sludge gun, as well.

    He's just pretty much all-around awesome.

  5. I actually like what they did with random battles....to a point. I'm still irritated by NWFC in general, but I like the CPU coming in to fight if someone drops out/connection gets lost. Keeps the battle the same as if nothing happened? I wonder what level the CPU will be at if someone gets dropped?

    I'm guessing it'll figure out some level based on the proportion of how many lives the "dropper" had in relation to everybody else's stock count.

  6. Hrm. Well, I'll try Fire Emblem again - this time with smaller (and possibly better-looking) overworld views of the characters.









    Well?... do these exhibit any improvement over the first batch?... If not, I shan't give up - once I find an appropriate way to portray some Fire Emblem sprites, I shall continue with the utmost haste!

    LT: Way too small and lacking in detail. No dice.

  7. I know this could never happen, but imagine if Pokemon could damage the Smash Ball and then absorb it themselves.

    You could have a Wabbuffet absorb it and then......

    SHADOW BOND everybody who bashed it dies......

    Or Snorlax could grab it and go...

    REST much like Jiggly's but at a much larger scale.


    Munchlax eats items...

    :<*NOM NOM NOM*

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