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  1. This is a sonnet, I think.

    Ode to the Bubble Dragons

    Bub and Bob brothers seeking glimmering

    Grumple Gromit their archenemy gone

    Taking their girlfriends wicked fleeing

    Warped each boy into bubble dragon

    Fighting trapping monsters soapy bubbles

    Popping very dangerous to stumble

    Snagging necklaces enemy troubles

    Needing crystal ball zero chance fumble

    Cave of Monsters now exuding quick funk

    Skel ghost traces cases chases mazes

    Homing bright scaled heroes descending punk

    Zapping bouncing tyrant's many faces

    Bubble Dragons full victory achieved

    Spiky curst heroes blue and green restored

    Apologies if this belongs in the Freeform competition.

  2. This looks good . . . so far. I hope Sonic Team gets it right this time. As for calling it Sonic 4, it won't happen. Just look at Mega Man for where that leads. So let's hope Sega follows Nintendo's example and resurrects the franchise. Kind of strange to think two former archenemies would work together, but better an honest [former] enemy than a lying friend. I know I've paraphrased that from somewhere. . .

  3. If you haven't already considered him, Philip K. Dick has some novels that could be considered Cyberpunk, specifically "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" which the movie Bladerunner is based on. The book "Bladerunner" is entirely different, but still good. Also, look into Harlan Ellison and "Repent Harlequin, Said the Ticktockman," which is about what happens when schedule rules a society. As for how it relates, the book is actually simply asking "what makes us human?", something that almost all Cyberpunk stories seek to answer, with varying degrees of success.

  4. On that note, has anyone ever "mained" Mario? Or is Mario just the oddball out despite getting the most cover time for all three games.

    Not sure when "mained" became a verb, but sure, I'll usually play Mario because he's well balanced and can do pretty much anything. Specifically, wall jumps and a decent Meteor Smash sell him fairly well, and a projectile fighter learns to fear his cape very quickly.

  5. Like the subject says, I'm trying to remember the name of a rather obscure SNES game. So, I figured, where else can I find people who like obscure games? Bet you know what I thought.:razz:

    Here is what I remember:

    Main Character: An Australian animal (I think it was a dingo) imitating Indiana Jones, with the hat and everything.

    Plot: The Hero must retrieve 7 wishbones and trade them for a wish in order to save his girlfriend/wife/daughter (I honestly don't know).

    Genre: The game was your standard action/platformer, as far as I can recall.

    That's it.

    Thanks for the help.

  6. well, theyve been sold out for a good month now without having received a shipment, and im wondering why that is.

    Not sure, but the scroll on G4 said that there were rumors of a "cobalt blue" color coming in, so that would explain it. Honestly, I'm surprised Nintendo didn't do a blue color on the Lite in the first place.

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