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  1. I didn't mean the drums in particular, but that might work. It's just that the first 14 seconds sound exactly like the second 14 seconds.
  2. 1:44 - 1:50 -- I feel this section needs a little more energy compared to the few moments before it to make it seem more climactic. Maybe kick up the drums for a second or layer another sound. Overall, I like it, but feel that the level of intensity is too consistent. The drums keep the energy high during (relatively) low-intensity sections (ex. 0:44-0:54, 1:00-1:11, 1:33-1:44), which I like, but when the lead kicks back in, the overall intensityr doesn't get much higher. But part of this could come from listening to this on crappy speakers. I like it. If you'd have enabled downloading, I might be adding it to my archive.
  3. I've toyed around with music in the past, but never got too involved with it. Well at this point I'm spending a good deal of my free time on it, but I know I could improve in some areas, especially when it comes to sound creation. I'd appreciate feedback on any one of my songs. https://soundcloud.com/scott-prager
  4. I would add a little variety to the intro, but I like the overall sound and use of instruments.
  5. No reality? There is no reality? Then what do you call this marshmello!? I think, therefore it's a marshmello.
  6. I really don't care for the FF Prelude. I almost skipped this remix, just for that. But, i do care for this remix! The intro is way to long, but when the techno kicks in, i start enjoying this song. I don't really think there's anything wrong with having the intro be close to the source, but one reason i don't care for the source is for its long, repetitious, and fairly uninteresting intro. The song could really start at 0:52 without much problem. The arpeggio seems to stick exactly to the source except for the section where it's replaced (only temporarily)... I don't know if that's a problem or not, but it's something to take note of, i think. Everything else's been said enough. Good luck and good work.
  7. http://www.googleisyourfriend.net/ First, get Fedora 11. More update Linux kernel, uses ext4, and plenty more that is off-topic for me to discuss here. Then: audiocity is the first thing that comes to mind. yum -y audiocity would probably install it for you. Doing some quick googling (music sequencing linux), i found http://ask.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=07/01/20/0434210 http://www.rosegardenmusic.com/ http://lmms.sourceforge.net/ and plenty more. Some of them might have an RPM repository as well. Good luck, man. I wish more developers would commit to using multi-platform libraries, but currently most don't realize any potential gains in doing so. That's why i vowed at one point to ONLY write multi-platform apps.
  8. Yeah, this is crazy, messy, awesome. I'd comment that it's a little muddy and squashed at times, but you seemed to have already noticed. ;p
  9. I can see how a piano would be too sudden and distracting for this piece, but I can also see how you could sneak in a piano solo or something. It doesn't have to accompany the whole song. Or just play it really soft?
  10. I'd love a high quality mp3 version. Though, to know whether ocr would take it, I think you'd have to just submit and see what happens. If my memory serves me right, didn't you do a crazy medley of Super Mario World? Did you ever try submitting? Anyway: great work. It is hard to know whether you've remixed anything or the original is playing (not familiar enough with source) but it definitely felt more upbeat.
  11. A very marching band feel to it. You can either say this helps or hurts. The lead instrument does sound fake. I think humanization of the instruments would help, all around. I can hear where the inspiration came from in the source. But it is an unexpected interpretation.
  12. The sound quality isn't great, right off the bat. It's obvious this is VERY early in production. But, I gotta say, I was enjoying it a little. Particularly 0:43 was pleasant for me. After the one minute mark, it sounded empty. It probably still works, but I think needs to be expanded on or something. I'd also like to see something a little less straight-forward and expected. No real surprises in this track. But, again, in context, it's early. Though, you're asking if we're entertained by this to base whether you want to expand it or not? I'm afraid I'm biased! I want to tell you how to improve the song, not whether it's worth doing! I never listen to a mix and decided that what I really want to post is "stop making now". And I have a feeling most will feel the same.
  13. It's not very often I hear a mellow, floaty Zelda interpretation. The different songs flow well into each other. I agree pretty much with Dj Mokram. I think there could be more layers to the song, at parts. *shrugs* Really good work!
  14. I love the opening. Not much is happening, but my ears are well entertained. A minute has passed and I'm still entertained, though the pacing is slow. Don't care for the area after 1:42. Nor the start-back-up around 2:11. I guess I just don't care for the ending. I'm not quite sure what could be improved about this. Perhaps more dynamic overall sound. The slower later part, I don't think I should comment on because it's not my style. But there just doesn't seem to be a lot happening at that point.
  15. Pretty much what everyone else said: Pretty good, but needs to vary more. If you have this be the base to a new lead instrument, you could get away with a little more.
  16. Well, you might want to directly contact Nekofrog, Sixto, TensaiSan, or any one of the guitar playing remixers I see here all the time. Nekofrog recently contributed to Malevolent Mansion with Audix, so s/he might be a good one to ask.
  17. The first few moments of the song are great to me. The sound quality is good and it's just an interesting noise. At 1:09 it starts to get bouncier. Pretty nice. 1:29 starts the DnB. Awesome. I do think the danger theme is well remixed. Not because, standalone, it's well remixed, but the way it's immersed in the rest of the sound track, and had I not actually heard your OLR remix, I wouldn't have known it was from a different song. Doesn't mean don't fix what ain't broken, though. Although this works for good in the early parts of the song, and excluding the DnB section, I don't think there's enough base in the song. I start noticing around the one minute mark. Especially around 1:05 or 6. when the high, scratchy instrument starts.
  18. It's kinda neat! I find it interesting how close you stuck to the source, but varied the instrumentation so often. The guitars aren't great. Somehow, I want to say it should be longer, but it IS already 2 and a half minutes.
  19. I get that too. It seems like they payed a lot of money for a voice actor to who can strain his voice in an attempt to sound dark and cool, thus installing an irrational link to the site as being dark and cool. Anyway, it sounds to me like they don't want you directly linking the file. Annoying.
  20. I don't think the violins work for the first few seconds. Until they're backed up with more violins, they just sound weak. I also think the samples could be better. That's not easy to improve, though, is it? Beyond that, just fricken great work.
  21. Is this a remix of an established game, or your friend's game? OCR won't take it otherwise if it's not an established game. You'll have to check the submission guidelines, though. Four minutes is plenty long for this to get repetitive, but... not incredibly. It feels repetitive, but it's not like I'm getting bored listening to it. I rather do like it. It's interesting.
  22. I've heard countless FF remixes, the Black Mages, Final Fantasy Death Sentence (FF death metal), and even an album of FFVII x NIN mashups, but still, I'm very impressed by this collection. Great friken job! You don't remind me much of Black Mages, but more Power Glove. Just an incredibly solid performance.
  23. Very original intro. Yeah, it's trancy, but it's not too hardcore for me. The melody is well presented and it's not too monotonous. I think the synths are okay in terms of quality. 2:03 : Is that clipping? I don't know if I'm getting soft in my feedbacks or I'm just critiquing better songs recently.. either way, good luck.
  24. They do sounds pretty good to me. They'd sound better if they were real, but they're not bad. BTW: Is that youtube video the source? It sounds very similar to the MP3 you linked, only with horrific sound quality thanks to youtube's compression.
  25. When it started, I though "okay, nothing surprising", but it worked pretty well. Although, around 0:35, it started feeling hallow. Pretty good. Needs work.
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