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  1. This should totally be remade in 80's style, with the plinky organ, puffy drums and lots of reverb.
  2. Fun fact: that song is directly based on Kecak, the Balinese monkey chant. The rhythm is exactly the same, only faster, and the "kac" samples may have been taken from a real performance. I thought of remaking it once with a more classical feel and part of part of the percussion replaced with anvils. XD
  3. You mean, one of the best video game songs of all time.
  4. Wario Master of Disguise in general should get some remixes. Allergia Gardens, Terrormisu's and Cannoli's themes are my personal favorites.
  5. Never heard this one before, and now I'm glad I did.
  6. The soundtrack for Flying Dragon on the N64 has such a nice collection of catchy tunes for its "SD Hiryu" RPG-esque mode. Wiler - Probably the best out of the bunch. Even a straight cover would be wonderful. Hayato - Calm and energetic parts, could make for an awesome remix with a little creativity. Shouryu - I hate this theme, especially since it plays during the most tedious and annoying fight of SD Mode, but there's some people who might like it. Robo no Hana - Just a very fun melody for the not-so-joke character of the game. I'm not quite sure of where to take a remix of this, but it would be welcome. Yuka - I like how the drum track picks up after the second loop. Suzaku - It just screams 80's anime, and sounds just perfect with Suzaku's Saint Seiya-esque design and background. Powers - Out of all the "American Flag Wrestler Loosely Based on Hulk Hogan" themes of Japanese video games, this is my favorite. Ryuhi - The pièce de résistance of SD Mode, Flying Dragon's "Ryu Theme" as you will. It's just amazingly triumphant and, again, very 80's anime. I wish I was a musician to give this catchy tune justice. I'm just hoping to spread the word on this game and hope someone feels inspired enough to pick them up.
  7. This is a terrible ear worm and you should do something about it. And by do something I mean make it even more energetic and ear-worm-y, of course. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXYb-nsTR0Y I am so happy somebody uploaded this on YouTube.
  8. Seconding. For the OP, you might like this.
  9. I have a friend who loves this game. He was working on remastering some of the tracks... alas, I haven't heard from him in a long time. My favorites are Long Tomorrow (the final boss music) and Strange Memories of Death (an unused song). Long Tomorrow. It fits perfectly with the completely-out-of-the-left-field final boss. Why are unused songs in these games so good?
  10. Just a couple remixes would be already great, no need for projects.
  11. The world boss theme screams for an epic rock remix. It needs to happen.
  12. V was already asked for in two other threads, one of them by yours truly. I'm frankly surprised that there still aren't any remixes, considering the demand.
  13. The best promotional games ever came with a pretty cool soundtrack. Check some of these out. Laboratory (E1M3) Time to dance Chex Museum (E2M3) I hate listening to this one because it's just too catchy! It doesn't leave my head. Central Command (E3M1) Someone put this on guitar now. Meteor Spacecraft (E3M5) Picture yourself in my place, when I first played the game. The level before this (Provincial Park) is by far the longest and most difficult in the game. In the end, you go down the side of a crater while being attacked in all directions. Knowing I had no way to beat everything, I rushed like mad to the exit, while dozens of enemies threw themeselves at me. I enter the final level with only 17% health and almost no ammo. Cue epic music. Bring it on.
  14. I prefer Zelda without a strict timeline. I always saw it as the name implies, a collection of legends, many of which could be several versions of the same tale. The idea that each of Link's travels to the past in OoT creates a new timeline where he isn't there, just doesn't make sense thematically. The Master Sword would be breaking more than it fixes, by creating a lot of timelines (at least three) without a hero in order for him to succeed in one.
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