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  1. Thanks for putting up the Armored Core videos.

  2. Nice work on the Threshold of a Dream track videos.

  3. Happy birthday. Enjoyed your DKC, DKC2, and Xenogears mixes a lot!

  4. Thanks for the link. I completely forgot to look for links on YouTube :P

  5. I want to go into DSP so I'm looking at Math, EE, and CS. Right now I'm taking GEs before I go home this summer to turn in my papers. Have you already served?

  6. What school are you attending for your CS major?

  7. Whoa. your name changed. I've been wondering what happened to Adhesive_Boy. Great stuff on the RotC and DKC albums.

  8. I've been at BYU since summer 2010. I'll be heading home after this semester and turning in my papers. Have you already served?

  9. whoa. didn't recognize you with the new avatar.

  10. Hey bro. Are you attending BYU right now?

  11. Hey. Do you still have the VGMix version of F-Zero 'Break the Silence?' (With the cool intro)

  12. RIP - Loved your tunes.

  13. Hey. Question about Root of All Evil. Why are those last seven tracks bonus tracks as opposed to main album tracks?

  14. Thought I'd stop by and say that I'm still listening to "24 Shades." Great album.

  15. Just checked out your OCR quirks archive. Amazing!

  16. Happy Birthday, bro. Doom Album Projects were epic!

  17. glad to see you're back

  18. Do you use FLStudio for all stages of production, or do you use another daw for mixing and mastering?

  19. What gear do you use?

  20. What gear do you use?

  21. What gear do you use?

  22. What gear do you use?

  23. What gear do you use?

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