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  1. I've recorded some tracks for Streams of Musical Consciousness Vol 2. I'll keep adding tracks every week or so as I record them. Feel free to check it out on SoundCloud. Maybe I'll combine them into a YouTube video when the album is finished, like I did for Vol 1. I hope you enjoy these tracks. There's are allusions to a few video game soundtracks in there.
  2. Fantastic mix. Classy. Piano chords are on spot. Panned drums. Rapping. Smooth pads. Subtle string runs. Bass that is so smooth. That piano sits so well in the mix. Lyric samples set the tone. I wish the track were longer, ending seems a bit lacking in terms of energy. Great work guys, a new favorite!
  3. I first downloaded this album back when it was released in 2011, and I really enjoyed it. Recently started listening to it again. I really appreciate the feel and arrangement of the tracks. Funky, groovy, interesting, mellow, upbeat. Highly recommended. Thanks Josh!
  4. I think what I appreciate most about this album is that it brings that contagious optimism and complex simplicity of Mario into EDM. And hey, EDM is a great fit. There's lots of jumping in Mario and EDM for one. But also, EDM is about energy, and Mario brings a positive energy that just fits really well I think. It is really neat to see this optimism work through a variety of moods and themes. Also, EDM is about complex simplicity, and so is the gameplay of Mario games. Great work guys. This music helps make my day a little better each time I listen to it.
  5. Just wanna pipe in and say thanks for putting this album together. It's mellow but not depressing, energetic but not in-your-face. Great balance. EDIT: And I really enjoy listening it. An excellent album with multiple replays on my part. It evokes a very specific and relatable mood and ambience.
  6. Yes. Just watched this. I really like that video. Makes me want to listen to Chrono Trigger OST even more. I never had a word to describe the "non-functional harmony", but yes, it makes sense now. I think this is an important hallmark of effective video game music.
  7. Sampling means to literally copy and paste the sounds and then modify (transpose, etc.) them to suit the needs of the mix.
  8. You can always sample the chants from the OST on YouTube or something. Is this what you referring to? That's probably your best bet, or you could explore other virtual instruments on the web.
  9. Hi, so I imported the MIDI tracks into Reaper and sent them to the a virtual instrument that I happen to own. The first track is assigned to a Bassoon/Clarinet/Oboe/Flute ensemble preset, which automatically cuts out notes that are out of the playing range of the instrument. Doesn't sound the greatest, but hopefully some tweeks can make it sound better. I think if there were to be more dynamic velocity programming (crescendos, decresendos, accents, soft notes, etc) then this could sound pretty cool. Anyways, this is kind of what I think the style of the track lends itself toward (more orchestral).
  10. Happy to help. What do you mean? I do not know/use FL, but I could collab on the MIDI and keep giving feedback on the audio.
  11. It is amazing to me how raw emotion can be translated into music. I hope that these pieces might resonate with someone who needs an emotional outlet through music.
  12. I love it. It sounds like you have a vision for what you want the track to become. Now its a matter of translating that into the actual mix. I think that link you posted is a great reference track not only for the arrangement style but also for the audio track mixing. One thing I notice right away, is that that track has a rhodes piano with a sustain pedal, which sort of serves as a pad for the track and really helps set the ambiance and fills in the gaps. On your track, the strings are filling this role, but they do sound thin. Maybe boost up the lower strings to help fill in that space? Can always try some reverb or delay or chorus. Just a thought. Or you could try using more of the mid-low range on the piano (to play chords), or maybe even try a Rhodes, sometimes it's just called an E. Piano / Electric Piano or Tines. Unfortunately, my knowledge of VSTs is pretty limited now days, but a simple Google search can get you pretty far or a browse of KVR Audio. Of course there's the OCR Forums too. Hopefully someone will chime in here about that. In any case, keep it up. Can't wait for an update!
  13. I'm loving it. Definitely lots of progress here since the Jan 16th update. The more extended intro sounds great. I like how you're being more creative with the arrangement circa 1:10. I like the subtle flange at 2:00. Sounds good. Synth solo sounds great, and I like the percussion track here. I like your creative use of chords (for example 2:40). Overall, this is a clear improvement upon the last version. The mixing sounds better, too. (Maybe that is just because it is louder). So ya, great work! Where would you like to take this project next?
  14. Thanks for sharing, and congrats on the debut. I enjoyed this ReMix. I like the creativity in arrangement and sound design. It definitely makes it onto my personal playlist. 0:00 - I like the piano here and the subtle effects, very emotional, 0:12 - Tambourine rhythm seemed a bit off, 0:16 - nice guitar (is this hammond here?), and I love the toms, 0:32 - loving the sound of the pad here with those 'slip' effects and that vox-sine-like lead, 0:50 - that is really interesting clock sound, it has a lot of character, seriously!, 0:52 - I like the bass guitar (hammond) sound, nice attack, 1:06 excellent use of the 70s prog sound here,1:19 - this verse did not resonant with me musically for some reason, but I really like the hammond sounds, excellent work there, 1:47 - deviates from the source in a way that I'm just not feeling, but that's just personal preference, it's well executed though, 2:15 - I'm feeling it here, very epic, spine-tingling, excellent percussion and synth lead 2:43 - 2:50 - Interesting prog transition, fits well in the piece, 2:51 - I really like this transition with the effects and those toms are lightning, 3:07 - I like this progressive section, it brings out the sense of peril in contrast to the confidence from the beginning of the track, epic, 3:18 - again, great transition, loving the synth lead here, nice snare hits on the 3rd beat, cymbals sound great, nice kick drum programming, 3:35 - yes, second round, nice modulation on the synth lead here, its really building up, nice vibrato and improvisation, 3:43 - wow, just wow, that is unexpected but works so perfectly here, very powerful arrangement, loving it, though, I wish that the synth release would have been longer and we had more time to digest that moment before jumping into 3:53 - nice build-up here with the snare, 3:58 - this section is well executed, I do like the pitch bend and improvisation on the them in the synth lead, 4:12 - for me, the dissonance here is out of place, 4:22 - nice harmonization, Ending - clock sound was a bit too extended and distracting in my opinion. Overall, excellent mix, very well done. Every new Chrono Trigger ReMix has to fill big shoes, and your track pulled it off. My main qualm is that post-3:43, the track felt a rushed. Thanks so much for taking the time to make and share your track!
  15. Hey, my pleasure. I really enjoyed reviewing (and listening) to the track. Keep up the great work! Looking forward to hearing future projects
  16. Thanks for doing this. Definitely some gems and classics and sources of inspiration.
  17. Welcome Palas, Thanks for sharing. I am not familiar with the source game; so thank you for sharing a link to the original track. I like this source material. It sounds very much like an opening-anime-soundtrack, which is cool. Definitely something that could add to the OC ReMix library. So ya, the source track has over 1 million views and it is already a complex track on its own, with a full instrumentation and verses and choruses and neat chord changes and so forth. The other edge to that sword is that it will be important to make your ReMix more than a remix. So let's take a listen to your track... ... First Impressions ... 0:00 opening is already very different from the source track (is this from another source track?) 0:27 I like this opening, it has that nice ambient, rainy feel, sounds like a music-box from - the panning on the toms seems a bit extreme to me 1:20 I like this flute addition, though I'd suggest bringing it forward in the mix, maybe a little more vibratto 1:38 - Things are getting a little musically muddy here 1:56 - I like this sonic backdrop here, contemplative 2:10 - drums feel out of place here, I don't think this is a good spot for 1/16th notes on the hats 2:20 - it feels to me like the mix is quickly losing its momentum, let this instrument shine more here - there is a period of silence here. I would not recommend this right now. 2:45 - It is good to here all of the instruments together again. The hats and toms are too repetitive and predictable. 3:58 - I like those water-drop sounds Here's a second run-through with more refined suggestions. The opening is great. Perfect timing for the first 20 seconds. I like how the mix takes off at 0:20. At 0:43, we have a second verse, that's fine. The string harmonies sound nice. So far percussion is nice and light. 0:59, change in melody, drums still sound nice. But by this point, I think it is really time to get the mix moving, which begs the question, where is it moving towards? I like the percussion fill at 1:06. Please do more of this throughout the mix (less repeating, program all of the drum parts by hand to keep it creative). 1:34 great buildup, but it doesn't really go anywhere at 1:36. Now is the time to bring in louder brass, faster percussion, syncopation, pull out the big band, sizzling strings, and let's get this track going! 1:52, a good cool-down section. 2:14 I think this soft section is poorly placed, I think it would be better to do another round of the full section (like I suggested for 1:36-1:52). Then we can do another soft section afterwards. 2:49 - I am feeling fatigued now, the melody just isn't very compelling to me here and the drums are too repetitive. Maybe try decreasing the attack time on the strings so that the melody can shine own more. Pull the drums back a bit maybe. 3:58 - This mix is not ready to end, but this is a nice ending. That organ/string sounding mix works quite well for an ending. I might suggest incorporating the source material at 1:09 to 1:20 in that YouTube video of the source track. It's a fun chord change that could add your mix. Also, what is your goal for this rearrangement, and what software are you using? Thanks again for sharing. I look forward to an update.
  18. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed your mix. Can you provide a little more context for what your goal is for the mix (like a full-orchestra arrangement or a minimalist piece, etc). Also, what is your current music workstation set-up and experience level? 0:08 - This dissonant chord was unpleasant to me. Is that part of the original source? This particular element might sound better with a different instrument, like strings maybe, if you are trying to achieve a dissonant effect. 0:40 - very beautiful chord here in the source material, I remember opening Twilight Princess for the first time (and this sounds a little silly) but I was so overwhelmed with the beauty of the opening music that I put the game away until I was ready to give it my full attention. I was still finishing up some other GameCube games at the time. Prime 2: Echoes I think it was. The harmony sounds really good to me with the flute sound you are using. I like the subsequent original chord progression. 1:29 - 2:03 - This seems a bit out of place to me. Is this original material? 2:52 - I like the bass drum is nice here 3:06 - I like the bass guitar here 3:25-4:13 - Nice melody and accompanying bass. I'm not familiar with the source, but is sounds well-implemented to me. 4:20- - This is a clever transition to the Hyrule Field theme and back to the Skyrim tracks. They really do work well together. 4:50 - I like those 4ths (or is it 5ths) 5:04 - I like the bass solo 5:15 - I like the build-up 5:23 - Original material works well here until about 6:00 where it sounds fatiguingly loud to me. Thanks again for sharing. Looking forward to an update.
  19. I'm not entirely sure on the precedent for giving feedback on a mix that is tagged as 'submitted'. Has this track already been submitted to the judge's panel? In any case, I really really really like this track. I think it really (yes, that is 4 really's) deserves the extra time and polishing to make it sound the way it was meant to sound. Arrangment ========= Totally digging this track, I've gotta say. Excellent rearrangement. Funky, groovy, it really resonates with me. I really like the choice of instruments and chords so forth. It's one of those tracks I just want to put on repeat and dance to. Excellent work! The arrangement is fantastic. I don't have any critique to give there right now. I'd say leave it as is. That is, aside from the beginning and the ending! 0:00 - 0:12 - I don't like this. Try something different. I think it would be cool to do move what you did at 3:06-3:17 (the nice bell sounds and the soft bass guitar groove) to 0:00, then surprise us with that slap bass (what you currently have at 0:12) and then we are good to go. 4:32 - 4:50 - We can't get left off the hook like that, lol. This is GROOVY stuff. Let the groove run some more. Slowly strip down the mix. Make us want to 'pump up the volume'. Let the instruments do their bows out, and leave us wanting them to all come back again. Mixing ===== Yes, mixing could use some polishing. There's nothing obviously out of place, though. It's just not cohesive and clean. I can't quite put my finger on it, but it's kind of like the instruments are scattered across stage and they are playing at a venue with bad acoustics. Mal-compression maybe. Mal-reverb maybe? I don't know. Do some creative panning with the piano mixing. Like a little stereo delay or random panning to bounce it back between both sides with each hit. That would sound cool. Just make sure to keep it tight and clean, don't add more reverb is my suggestion. I'd like to hear more punch out of the kicks. Maybe tighten up the snare a little. Bring out the trebles on the hats. Widen the stereo field. The drum kit might need to be replaced (not the notes, just the sounds). It is probably the main culprit in the mix. This is a groovy track and it needs some more compelling drum sounds / mixing in my opinion. I think the other instruments are great overall. I like the sounds. They are very fitting on their own, it's just the way they are mixed together that could use some improvement I think. For example, those really neat synth solos sound like they are playing from the back of the stage behind a curtain. Bring them up out front. (esp. circa 4:17), more stereo effects might help. Overall, the mix seems to be missing its low end and its dynamics and clarity. Kind of sounds like it being played out of a cheap woofer without clarity and without those funky dynamics. Or like I'm listening to the concert from a distance. Maybe check out this ReMix for reference ( Certainly not my area of expertise. Hopefully someone else will chime in in that regard. I really really really like this arrangement, though. Fantastic work. I have already listened to it multiple times. One of my favorites. I really (yes, 4 really's again) would like to see an update.