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  1. Superb. I played SoE just past when I was able to warp from place/time to another. I'm not sure I remember this jive from the game? I have an idea, but... If it wasn't so in-depth, i might have remembered it later. Very good sir. Better than alot from Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock, I think. It pains me to think that the ill folks that actaully care and acknowledge for great game compositions, prolly work unloading trucks or washing dishes; answering phones; placing orders? You should have a career in music composition or preformance. I hope ye' do.
  2. Brinstar music can never be weak if you stick to the intimidation behind it. Good sound. Keep them sounding like this mean dnb... I've been a fan of that for a good while.
  3. Thanks folks, and thanks for the redirect. Cerrax- I'm pretty in tune with all the old SNES greats. I almost beat evermore, a couple years ago... I play 'Legend of Mana' every once in awhile. I also have Morrowind, but my ol' laptop pisses me off. I have to set the sight depth all the way down to not have much lag, and then I can't hardly see in front of me. It's pretty cool, though. Iji fans thanks, but I've been there already. I think I'm as far as sector 7? I invested mostly in Taisen weapons and crack/kick. I think i've modded most of the weapon alts; I played my game just blasting through. Maybe I'll try the stealth method, if I ever get back and finish my first game. Any other rare masterpieces, anyone? I'll look into Borderlands; I hope it's not massive and demanding on my lil compaq.
  4. I might have put this in the community spot, but; I would like any quick and helpfull feedback if anyone knows any great games like *Vagrant Story *SaGa Frontier (the first) *Ys. 3 *Kudos 2 (unpopular PC game) *Shadowrun (snes) *Fallout 2 or BOS *Terranigma (pretty simple, though...) Want I really want is to find a singleplayer game prolly action rpg, that is just as in depth as you can get. Action and stealth and a bunch of useless sub systems, that are fun to invest your time in. Like an unbeatable game, where you can never really achieve everything, or at least without thousands of man-hours. I dun want to play anything anymore where you max out at whichever level, have all the skills your ever gonna get, and maybe has an optional boss that drops a sword. I want complication. I dun know how else to describe this perfect game that doesn't exist. I would prolly play World of Warcraft, if I had the means. Thats pretty much endless. Stroy doesn't matter to me anymore, I just want options and lots of working in-game systems. That's why I've been investigating those old ACSII text rpg dos games. That's all they had back then; no real graphics, but endless depth. I want the most in depth game that I can find... Thank you. I'de appreciate some input, if your time is available.
  5. I'm vicious on Soul Blade/ Soul Calibur 2..3... I'm sure four would be the same. Anybody like Def Jam Fight for NY? As far as SC goes, I will murder with Voldo, Ivy or Kilik. Tekken has just about the same engine. I like fighter games that play with directional multi-button moves. Infinite replay. On the sad note, I wish that you could have Vader and Yoda on one console. The Imperial troop is on Wii?? I have not played four, though. If I had that much spare money, I would rather buy a Keyboard than a next gen console, anyway. My real ambition is Metal Gear Solid 4. I saw Hideo Kojima's demonstration. I like the idea that, you can aim whichever way, while on your stomach or back in prone position. Looks cool, but I don't know about the auto-camo yet. It looked badass, but I heard somewhere that Kojima was not really happy with it?
  6. Man that's a good post. I certainly understand. I figure I am in the wrong for giving information about illegal downloadsl; also being explicit with my posts. But, I wasn't demanding anything, though, it might have seemed so... I'm sorry you feel that way. I do though, want to contribute to this faction. and, I have much to offer. I suppose I should tone it down a bit. You doubt I will be around much longer?! Man that struck hard... I am glad to raise some attention, though. Thanks for your logical reply. I'll surely consider everything said.
  7. That's really kool. I dun know Blind, but I'll search his music up just cause of that. I tried to mod out Super Mario on SNES once with lunar magic; but I got too pissed off at myself. Hell, if you can program your own games? You prolly used some weak software to change tiles and such, but... You might want do something with it. If you know any P languages, I mean... Look how popular these damn myspace applications and games are. I can use RPGmaker2003 real well HAr har! It's all about conditional branches and variables. If, ands, and buts... And if else. lol
  8. 8OYou all need to get down with your work. Power Rangers; as cheesy as it was; still had some nice music. I think the one for The evil beast looking dude with the yellow armor. Yes. There is actually a influence for that PR music on one of my older rap beats. The tension in that one was perfect. It described uneasy combat. Only if the series and/or movies could have done the same?! Really though, Again like Mortal Kombat and Ys series, I am ashamed. Trade out some of those Chrono Triggers and FF6's for something else. My greatest fear is that none of you all have played Ys3 or Terranigma. Soul Blazer Series. Try rombomb.com Get yourself an ISO of SaGa Frontier. epsxe will run it fine, with a d3d lite plugin. Try Pete for Bios and such. Just to note: I did not have a problem untill I searched and found nothing in regards of...
  9. I guess maybe if it's a major japanese franchise type of game... I prefer for things to be in english. But, it's barable if the subtitles are english. My friend was playing Mario 64. He downloaded a japanese rom he found. I guess he played the game enough to not need to read; but it ruined it for me. What console is that Chaos Wars game on? That would explain why they wern't too worried about making the voice-overs decent. I would say it's somekind of handheld; and they tend to dim things down alot when they are replicating a game that's already on a better console.
  10. Goog music takes comprehension for me. I like tensions and passing tones that resolve. I like jazz so much, because it makes you have to think. Alot of people don't like jazz because they can't comprehend or understand the intricacy of it. Brazilian and African Jazz are the best to me. I think music has more of a mood meter; than any visual experience. Either way, when a really good tension or riff changes back to the root; I'm always pleased. So it's a relief feeling mixed with whatever thought the song has set.
  11. Tyrian is too dope. I remember playing the trial garbage when I was about 7. A couple years ago I was trying to get all the old cool games that I used to love. I grabbed Tyrian2000, Whackey Racers? I think. And Scorthed Earth; which is the best.
  12. Actually a recap. This time I watched it up to 1:20 seconds. This can not be marketed. If so, then whoever acknowledged that the dialouge presented was adaquate; they need to have chrages pressed on them for turning little kids into gays and valley girls. I think it's super fake, though.
  13. Ha ha Nekofrog. That shit has to be fake. I was going to say bad voice acting is alright if the game is superb; I've never played that game. It looks weak though. My just cause was Castlevania SOTN, but after that, I stand corrected apparently. Uru sounds like Will and Grace Oh my god.... I need another drink!
  14. Wow.... I have heard enough by now. These old ass (and new) video game compositions are worth paying dues and appreciating, but damn. There are folks on this remixing tip right now that surely produce better quality and intricate influenced music than most popular music right now. People have commented on alot of my works as sounding like videogame music; I just don't know if they can appreciate some of the greatest music composed today. Not trying to brown-nose but really. These musical composers and producers for videogames; are underpaid ridiculously compared to mainstream pop/rap/dance/ whatever. To bring a moral and sum... I just hope all of you (who are re-arranging and such) are making money using your skills. I'm sure that if one can remix a beat, and re-comprimise the whole scenario; if that makes sense; that the same individual would be capable of being creative enough to compose his/her own work. Based on what I've seen I just want to say that alot of you'll should definetely be doing this for a living. But, this is a motivational side-project for me. When these mixes become better than the originals, I just have to consider. Even though the oldies were limited to 8bit and 16/32bit. Har har. Be productive among yourselves at the same time! There ya go.
  15. Thanks for redirecting me, admin, pretzel, whoever; I don't suppose I should have posted this in the general discussion page, but... As far as Legacy of the Wizzard goes; wow... A superb game. I remember countless nights when I was like five and six. I don't remember the music, though. Not saying that is wasn't good though. I was pleased to hear some old rygar on hear. Three standing as of now. I certainly realize the popular games are going to be blitzed out with remixes. Just goes to say that if a popular game is appealed to by many; it may not have the best tracks and sounds, but will be appreciated more. In due to they produce more remixes than rare, under-rated games with some badass scores, and grooves/jives. There are a couple of tracks on YsIII that would definetely be a challenge, even for some of the most respected folks on this site. I have heard japanese metal guitarists try to imitate; but the awesome sound and harmonies, countermelodies and rythms just wern't replicated. SPC file format is the shit.
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