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  1. you're not a bot! you just... made an account today. and posted exactly at 9:00 am. you're just different. and bold.

  2. dude, we're like exactly the same age. idk what that means but happy birthday lol.

  3. yeaaaah, we both have the same birthday! wooo. lol. happy birthday.

  4. thanks, i'll just mark my calendar for july and start checking from there. you've saved me a lot of effort, kind sir.

  5. why thank you - to you as well. I suppose I could just sit down and stalk your profile till it says you've turned 20, which would be kinda .. something I would do. but i won't.

  6. yeah but a capital a looks stupid. i don't really care at this point, lol.

  7. as arbitrary as this might seem, i was just playing diablo 2 and procured two shael runes at once. my mind dubbed it the "shael riley special" and felt an inexplicable urge to eat a burger (at midnight). i realized that the shael riley special must be, in fact, some sort of delicious hamburger combo, with a patty made from cow groin meat with a side of sweet potato fries, served at some mythical and amazing restaurant. and if you're vegetarian/vegan, the patty could be made from the crotch(es) of some proteinous plant instead.

  8. i just got booted off bnet for joining/leaving too many times.. lol. i'll be back in 30 minutes ish.

  9. arr. you said you'd take a look at my wip - it's the total annihilation kingdoms one. of course, whenever you're free, i'm not in any particular rush lol. thanks mucho. and catch up to us. now. there's no more dropping. lol

  10. That's about what I guessed it meant. Give your pages some Prozac and the nicest ink you can find. Maybe it'll loosen up a little and be more willing to spill its guts.

  11. define: white page anxiety

    oh wait... you're not google. lol. I have never heard that term used before and I like it.

  12. i bet i look like a total weirdo here. just wanted to say I'm impressed by your artwork (and the kirby stuff is amazing too) - never really saw/recognized your work before.

  13. I'd really like to, but as a perfectionist I'd want a green screen room and stuff. I'll see what I can do, i'm sort of in a tough transition period right now and I'm not sure if I can dedicate the time to it.

  14. You should have read the next post in the Rose General review thread... Kate has done "You're Not Alone"

    direct download: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?mwewllkhzyy

    Enjoy :)

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