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  1. Mkay, checked out Renoise, and although I found it to run well, and liked the general interface, its just a bit too confusing for me. I'll need to play around with it more as to acquaint myself with the controls. As for your suggestion, Drack, I'll check it out. Its not so much finding a DAW (I'm using Rosegarden), but more along the lines of what else is out there, If there is something more suited for my hardware, and whether or not I can find one best suited for my personal expericence with past Windows DAWs. However, I do appreciate these suggestions, as I don't really know too many audio production programs for Linux (Switched last year as a result of Vista being a pile of bugs, and my new comp coming with said pile of bugs) aside from Rosegarden (suggested by an audiophile friend), and Audacity, so please, by all means, if you know of a good DAW for linux, please do post it.
  2. Hmm, I'll check this one out alongside Rosegarden. See whats what between the two.
  3. Well, i've worked with it before, and am quite comfortable with it, but I was just askin' in case there was something better out there that I don't know about.
  4. Hey all, I'm thinking bout doing some remixing (Sonic the Hedgehog, Gunstar Heroes, Resident Evil being some projects I had in mind), but I was wondering if Rosegarden for Linux would be aright for the remixing(Ubuntu Linux User). Heres a link for those who don't know what Rosegarden is: Rosegarden
  5. Hey everyone. New to the forums. Found this site via TV Tropes, and am quite glad I did. Considering doing some remixing, however I was wondering if Rosegarden for Linux would be an aright program ta use for the Remixing(Linux User). That, and i have to factor in College life. Otherwise I love the music here, most particular the Sonic the hedgehog remixes. Hope everyone's havin' an interesting day (Much like myself, tho I hope it ends soon 0_0 ) -Kaz B