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  1. Post - #2000 OCRemixes progressively had a new way to standardise ID3 Tags : track number, author comments, and http://ocremix.org as the album (instead of http://www.ocremix.org). While the change is great, I bet people using media sorting software (iTunes, Banshee, Rhythmbox...) are often frustrated to see thousands of old remixes alphabetically sorted in a separate album. Here are the two downsides of cleaning up the old remixes tags :

    • Someone will have to retag track number, album and mainly comments for about 2000 remixes.
    • The torrents we've been fightning for years to keep online will be obsolete.

    Are these issues big enough for us to keep things as they are ?

  2. Hi people.

    Having been invested in choirs by the past, I never touched the hardware question further than "Wow, that's expensive for our two dozen people ! Let's be gentle with all this stuff. ".

    Now that I just read the ribbon microphones forum guide, what I understood is that they are a great tool for single instrument recording. Does it go the same way for vocals ? Voices being my main instrument, I wondered how many I should spend in order to live-record a quatuor in good quality.

  3. French version of the Content Policy


    ENTRE : Le(s) artiste(s) qui soumet(tent) du contenu musical (l’ « Artiste ») ET : Le site hébergeant les œuvres musicales et ses entreprises affiliées (« OverClocked ReMix »).

    I'm no lawyer, and I know how much the french juridic vocabulary can be codified, but wouldn't it be more limpid to specify (désigné dans le reste de ce document sous le terme d' « Artiste ») and (désigné dans le reste de ce document sous les termes « OverClocked ReMix »).

    Edit - I forgot : I claim here and today the opening of a campaign against the "œ" character. Come on, nobody binds that much vowels in calligraphic french, what's more that thing is used in 5 common words, and 95% of the people don't know how it is pronounced when not followed by a "u". You know that it's just some elitist French Academy cerebral mast*******.


    L’évaluation, l’acceptation et/ou le rejet du contenu soumis sont à l’entière discrétion d’OverClocked ReMix.

    Well, my version of that sentence may lead to discussion, since that "and/or" precision is not in the english policy. I know, I'm a freaking perfectionist, but the reason why french is still one of the two official international diplomatic languages is because it's a very precise one : a contract correctly written in french cannot lead to misinterpretation.


    Again, I have no idea of the juridic standard - what's more I'm a common user of 5-lines sentences, but in :

    OverClocked ReMix se réserve le droit de retirer à tout moment tout contenu qui contrevient aux Standards de soumission et instructions ou pour lequel une requête en ce sens est présentée par un tiers détenteur des droits d’auteur.

    Would it hurt to add a comma after "instructions" ?


    L’Artiste est libre de distribuer son contenu ou d’octroyer à un tiers une licence de son contenu à la double condition que ledit contenu ne soit pas attribué à OverClocked Remix et que la distribution et la licence ne contreviennent pas aux termes de cet Accord de soumission de contenu.

    Same thing, before "à la double condition".


    Une requête en ce sens sera évaluée en fonction des meilleurs intérêts de la communauté.

    Well, in french "best interests" is just a full pleonasm. I suggest to shift the superlative from the communauty interests to our intention of respecting them :

    Une requête en ce sens sera évaluée dans le plus grand respect des intérêts de la communauté.


    OverClocked ReMix concède à toutes les parties une licence limitée, non-exclusive, non-transférable et universelle pour les droits d’utilisation, de distribution, de représentation publique [...]


    For the end of the text, I just couldn't survive the comma fest. Sorry.

    'hope I helped a bit.

    P.S. The reading of this policy made me realize how close from the Creative Commons' one it is. Why not using a version of CC that is already translated into several languages ?

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