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  1. *shoots Mirby* No, bad remixer. No joking about release dates. =x Wait is long enough as it is. DX
  2. Happy birthday from Australia, zyko.

  3. Oh damnnnnn... HOME STRETCH BABY!!! Bring that album home to daddy!!!
  4. Nice spin on the theme. Might need to give it a few listens before I can criticise but sounds good so far.
  5. I've got a direction to keep your intentions with the lyrics.
  6. At the rate it's going, do the mp3 for it zyko. I can hold out for another 6 months to a year. Means Xmas will be full of beats. =D
  7. I don't think you don't need to overpower it with much more bass as it might throw out the balance. Got anyone to do the main vocals yet? Or you still deciding? Might be overdoing the vocal effects at some points but otherwise it sounds good... Keep it up.
  8. For my tastes, I think the melody is excellent yet it could do with a smoother and softer opening than just inserting into the main melody at the start. How should I put it... it's like getting out of your warm bed into the cold and into a warm shower. Knowing what the song is, you'd expect something drastic or something that follows its key sound. As it is, it's in the midway. Don't get me wrong, it's a great start for a remix but a smooth opening would be something to work on. Good work otherwise. =D
  9. He seriously rules in the video game music department. I want to be in it to WIN IT!~!!
  10. Hope not. That would mean more backlogs on the mastering department. =o
  11. Sounds good Dyne. Cannot wait for the release. Hope all this waiting pays off for your work and the remixers that put int time and effort to such a renowned series for game music.
  12. I want to know the lyrics to it. The synth distrots some of it but in a good way. XD
  13. Maybe true Raptor, but I find it somewhat a feel akin to the songs that "Pendulum" do. It is quite a nice mix.
  14. And the month of March is upon us... The wait grows ever shorter.
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