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  1. Fist of all, I would like to say 15/10. This is my number one, all time favorite remix, ever. This remix has changed my life....well...not really, but I bet it could. I have no idea what draws it to me, but...just...nyah. I could, and would listen to this all the time, but then it'd get boring and I'd have to kill myself.
  2. One of my first downloads, and right from the start it was a hit. I don't know, it's just my thing. And it will remain that way for quite a while
  3. Fieari, I feel the exact way that you do, the intro I found was quite good...IMO. That doesn't mean that it IS good, but I like it, so I'm fine with that. The rest of the mix is as good as the intro, and DJ Carbunk1e is one of my favorites. ^^
  4. This brings back memories of waaaaay back, when I actually used to own and play this game. It's a great mix through and through, and I highly reccomend it.
  5. I dub thee "Headbang-able" That is exactly what I would do, if it didn't hurt my neck and give me a headache. Great beat, great sound, absolutely perfect. ^^
  6. I love this mix. You said it H Pocket...1:18 -1:23 just....*melt* This is a great mix if you're in the mood to do some jamming.
  7. Hehehe, this still makes me giggle every time I hear "Yeah, yeah noodles...". I don't know why, I just giggle. First off, I'll just say I had the sound up WAY too loud the first time I listened to it. I'm a bit more immune to it now, but the first time, it almost threw me out of my chair. I love it because it's so spastic. This mix is incredibly insane, so it matches me. I love it. ^^
  8. V-Trap, I agree. AE is an incredibly great ReMixer, and I'm surprised that this hasn't gotten more reviews...(could be heart attacks from too much awe...) This mix has everything that I could want. Great beat, great mood, great instruments, and all that jazz. It's great.
  9. Another one of AmIEvil's great works. I'm a big fan. ^^ The greatest thing that this mix had going on was the atmosphere, which AmIEvil is great at doing.
  10. My favorite thing about Megaman remixes is that most of the time you get a nice, fast, spicy beat, and when you don't, well, the mix is great anyways. This mix was nice and fast, just the way I liked it. ^^
  11. Truly great mix. True is one of my favorite SH2 songs, and this was done superbly. One thing that threw me off is that I kept expecting the main part of the song to kick in at :26, :37, or :50. That didn't take away from the song at all, it just kept me on my toes. ^^
  12. Now, I don't usually use slang like this, but I feel it is an appropriate time to say, "Phat Beat!" I don't know, something about how the beat is done just makes me go "Oooohhhh" I love it.
  13. Wow...just...wow. This is one of my all time favorites. Although I'm a sucker for a nice piano solo. ^^ I love the entire thing, but from 2:12 to 2:19 just makes me melt. I don't know why, but I just melt. ^^
  14. Nice, cool mix to just sit and relax to. I'm a great fan of DJP (who isn't?), and this mix is one of his many, many greats. Great work. ^^
  15. Amazing. Astouding. It makes me want to take piano lessons again. There's nothing that I like better than a good quality Piano solo, and this is one. This one will be a top mix on my list for years. 11/10
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