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  1. I'm a huge FFX fan, so this is great news. Though I do want more than just a simple HD port. A reimagined remake would probably be a ton of work, so I would be happy if all they did was remake the character models, spice up the textures and 2D backdrops. I still consider FFX to be a good-looking game that doesn't need much improvement. Though I would still love a remake built from the ground-up, too.
  2. Started on this earlier today. Here's the main theme I wrote for my game! A few inspirations, namely Blade Runner and Mass Effect. Yeah, I think I'll be ditching the chiptune sound in favor of this. This is more of my kind of style, too. Comments are appreciated! Of course, I haven't shown off much of the game itself. I'll probably make tweaks to this later on.
  3. That was amazing. Very well-done! Pirate rock sounds pretty awesome.
  4. Being a fan of the series, I was looking forward to this. ): MML was actually my intro to the Megaman series.
  5. Verrrry very nice. Excellent job with the font. Also, I'm really digging the overlaying texture.
  6. I saw the midnight premiere last night. My body was not ready. It definitely exceeded my expectations by far.
  7. If I happen to be out of the dirt-poor college student phase, then I might be able to go. One day...
  8. I'm seeing the midnight premiere tonight! Soooooo excited. A total of eight movies. So crazy!
  9. I know I've said this already, but 'Dies, Nox et Omina' is a MASTERPIECE. Superb work.

  10. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Being on this album as well, I got to follow the progress of many of the songs, including this one. When the operatic duet was added into the final version for the pre-release, I shat bricks. Mr. Whelchel, you've written a fantastic piece.
  11. Jumpin' on the bandwagon: http://gplus.to/MattInc
  12. I'm not so much into rap myself, but this is insanely catchy. Niyazi's vocals/lyrics flow very nicely, too. Excellent work, DiGi and Tryezz!
  13. Oh man, I'm so excited! Can't wait to give this a full playthrough. Aww, congrats to them! :]
  14. It's July 5th, AND MY BODY IS READY.
  15. That's really fantastic. It's awesome that these kind of works are so well-received by original creators/developers/composers/etc. One more week, guys!
  16. Oh, exciting! I wouldn't be surprised if the iPhone is a primary platform for this; Square-Enix has released a good number of apps for iOS.
  17. Just got my copy of the album in the mail today. Thanks Stevo! Less than two weeks awayyyyy!
  18. Oh mannnnnn, SUPER pumped! There BETTER be a listening party for this. :3
  19. With the exception of the Tomb Raider preview, I wasn't impressed with Microsoft's press conference. Though Minecraft being ported over is interesting news. Too much Kinect, though.
  20. Happy Birthday! Keep makin' awesome music!
  21. Oh man, this is great news. Also, that Mega64 video is fantastic.
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