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  1. Thanks @djgalvanization for the feedback. I honestly debated no giving the reaper sounds a bit more space after reading your comment. The original "Leaving Earth" had way more space giving it a more grandeur sensation. The reason why I debated was that it might make the whole orchestra ensemble feel a bit out of place. My ambition for this piece was to try to model a nice sounding orchestra. My previous works have always included at least 10 analog synthesizers but I held back the urge and only included one. For that reason, I've decided not to make the low brass more wet. But you are right, it's a bit dry, I've tried to reduce the amount of rip and it sounded too muddy, does not do the reaper justice. @Light_of_Aether, I'm still constantly making small adjustments to the mix, and Soundcloud is a lot easier to update so the youtube version was draft 1. But I've made the soundcloud available for download as a 192kbps mp3 for now. Once I'm satisfied with a final mix, I'll upload a lossless version.
  2. First post in OC Remix, actually second since I made a post in the wrong thread. Hope you enjoy it.