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  1. Can transcribe the chords but the rest would be too much work, its mostly improvised as I go along anyway:P
  2. So yeah, I did a metal version of the Grassland Theme from Heroes of might and magic 2 a year ago, and it had an acoustic intro. And since I've been getting requests about making a full acoustic version. So I did: Download: http://www.mediafire...9qd5q91qwl7itqc
  3. Remastered one of my oldest remixes, about 3 years old. It's yet another metal remix (or perhaps straight cover is more fitting) of Frog's theme from Chrono Trigger. Free MP3 download: Harjawaldar - The Righteous Path (Remaster).mp3
  4. Thanks for taking an interest in my song guys! And no, I won't be submitting it to OCR. Doing straight covers is usually my game. But if I do make a remix where a lot of improv feels right then I'll consider submitting it to OCR. If I'm satisfied with it that is. I agree about the bass though, there is a tad too much. I made a remix of the other famous theme from SMG about a year ago and will be remixing it in the near future. It's the same formula as this one, so if you liked it you have something to look forward to!
  5. I've remastered one of my oldest remixes. I made it for Dwelling of Duels in July 2008 (free month). Remastered it this past week. It's really happy metal! Click here to listen to Harjawaldar - The Brightest Star (remastered).mp3