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  1. There are lossless files for most of the albums in http://ocremix.org/torrents/ but only mp3s for remixes that aren't in an album.
  2. This is cool. Much different from most of the submissions that appear here.
  3. I don't usually listen to rap or even music with lyrics but I like this. Probably won't go on any of my favourite playlists but it's one of those songs I'll enjoy coming across occasionally.
  4. This song creates such a beautiful atmosphere in my mind. Thank you for this, Radiowar. I need more of you in my life. I love that band!
  5. I've had Mazedude's remix of the same song in a playlist for a long time, it's nice to hear a new take on it. I like it!
  6. Yesss, Mazedude! Recognized his style immediately without looking at the song info.
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