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  1. There are lossless files for most of the albums in http://ocremix.org/torrents/ but only mp3s for remixes that aren't in an album.
  2. This is cool. Much different from most of the submissions that appear here.
  3. So far I've enjoyed every song on this album, that's a first.
  4. I don't usually listen to rap or even music with lyrics but I like this. Probably won't go on any of my favourite playlists but it's one of those songs I'll enjoy coming across occasionally.
  5. This song creates such a beautiful atmosphere in my mind. Thank you for this, Radiowar. I need more of you in my life. I love that band!
  6. Great remix. What do you expect from these two? 1:47's my favourite part.
  7. Had me right from the start. Love the style.
  8. I've had Mazedude's remix of the same song in a playlist for a long time, it's nice to hear a new take on it. I like it!
  9. Yesss, Mazedude! Recognized his style immediately without looking at the song info.
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