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  1. Hey, guys, what's up? This is my first post, and I kind of stumbled upon OC while searching for a VGM-related site. I did an impromptu remix of this track from DKC (after being inspired while doing my nth run-through of the game on a rainy Saturday), and I was looking for some feedback on it. The Track: I've only sampled those pads from the introduction, and all the other parts are either re-instrumented transcriptions or original material. Those familiar with the song should be able to discern between the two. Everything on the track is some sort of electronic sample. The piece moves from a direct quote of source material a becomes increasingly "far-out", before returning to more source-related material. Feedback I would love: --Production: (Clarity, Quality of sampling, Dynamics) --Form: (Organization of sections and progression through piece) --Original Elements: (Drum programming, relationship of original material and source material) Link: Aquatic Ambiance Remix Thanks, everyone. I look forward to some more uploads. ---WD