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  1. Well, so I come back to somewhat replenish my collection (lots got deleted by accident). I decided to just stick with the Wingless to give the bandwith a break.. 'sides, I always liked his remixes since I discovered them. And what do I see? A new one.

    What can I say. I find it difficult to find the Stormwind theme, but heck.. do I care? This is a remix full of changes yet with a theme that holds it together.. like all of The Wingless' remixes. And it has this depth that makes me think it may be as deep as Zebesian Midnight (another favourite of mine) which allows for different interpretations during the times I'll listen to it. So, thanks for this new remix!

  2. I like this song. As usual I do not know the original.

    I do like the flute.. but then, I like atmospheric music and it does fit in.. it isn't really 'jagged' or 'cut' anywhere. *shrugs* Just like it a lot. :)

    -edit- Just wanted to say it made me think a bit of the Legend of Kyrandia (a Mac/PC game for you consolers :P ). And that I don't mind repeating myself saying how I like this remix. :wink:

  3. Actually, I'm not contradicting myself, because the music I listen to is professional, and sold, while remixes here complete with eachother to be accepted on to the site. If I had to give a review of the artist I listen to, assuming he was competing with other artists to be accepted on to a music site, I'd say the same thing about him.

    What, pray tell, is professional music? Good music or music which can be sold (I am pointing at the fact that the word professional indicates that professional music is music made by someone who makes money with it.. as a profession)? Now I am aware that 'good music' is a highly subjective matter, but it definitely need not be the same as music which is sold (the more the better). I find the term good music, however ambiguous, preferable when attempting to discern the quality of music. If, for example, I like a song I made, however crude or simple it may be, I value it above the loads of professional music which I do not like.

    Therefore, my opinion stays; too much dependance on the listener's emotions here. I don't care about FF6, and from that purely unbiased view, I can say that I find absolutely nothing special about this remix.

    I think that what you mean is that because of the association people have with the game they make the link between the remix and the game and therefore can 'see' more in it. Is this so bad a thing? No. Does it change a person's tastes? No. I think that the emotive association, while perhaps intense, does not somehow befuddle the listener. Perhaps someone may like such a piece a little better compared to similar pieces of music but one can also argue that because of the association with the game a person is more keen (critical) on the atmosphere of the game/the music.

    Personally, I like this remix a lot. I haven't played FF6, I do know Terra in Black and I think I prefer this remix. I also listened to the original and I found it to be much less touching than the remix.

  4. First something different: this is my first post here, so if anything untoward happens, blame it upon that.

    Okay. I like the remix.. I played the game and it's good to hear the music again. But, and perhaps that's because I know the original and the game, I found the feeling of the music a bit too much housey.. well.. you know what I mean.

    The game and the original music is much lighter, perhaps even carefree.

    Perhaps it's the beat, perhaps because the parts seem a bit less blended in, more individually 'pronounced'.

    It's good, but less to my taste than the original.

    Anyway, I tend to prefer original versions, so perhaps it's just me. :)

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