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  1. Hey guys; I'll keep this as brief as I can; The Red Bull Music Academy is an international music festival that brings together 60 musicians from around the world to one city for two weeks of inspiration and musical collaboration. (That's one group of 30 per 2 week period - so it'll be a month of new music for the city). I went to Madrid last year as a participant and this year's RBMA is going to take place in New York. It was pretty fantastic. And yes, it's free. Also note that you'll have to be over 21 to apply this year. (Last year the age was 18, so feel free to check and apply next year if that's an issue). I'm nowhere near as accomplished as some of the guys around here, (though I was the closest thing they had to resident chip-musician and I was one of the most classically-trained participants), so I'm pretty sure you guys have a shot. The application is was about 60 questions last year and you'll need a half-hour of music. (Questions included "Draw your position in the musical universe). Remixes are welcome and you'll be asked to perform live in New York if you like. (I ended up taking a video of a music based crowd-controlled video game I developed with some friends of mine). If you're curious, I sent in the track BitGarden, the music that appears on my "Demo Disc" at bandcamp, a (midi rendition of) a short minimalist piece for string quartet, and a (very rough) recording of a somewhat neo-romantic(?) etude-like piano piece. I also let them know that I can play viola, play piano, write rap lyrics, freestyle rap, and improvise (on piano and viola, in jazz and somewhat classical styles), and informed them of my love for Mahler, Ravel, Lupe Fiasco, HIdeki Naganuma, Hideki Sakamoto, Joshua Morse, and Ke$ha. Etc. So my "angle" was, er... diversity. Yeaaaah. In other news, I'm up for collaboration if anybody likes what they hear, though I can't guarantee that I'll always have time. I also hope it's cool with everyone if I end up tweeting at / trying to contact people that have been in my music collection for a while. (Aka my influences, aka people I need to apply to this). I'm also on Facebook and twitter. Lastly, I'm new to the whole forum thing - so do email me (Slide20xl at gmail dot com) if you want/need something and I'm not keeping up over here. (Yes, Red Bull. The drink).
  2. hey hey; I've become a fan on facebook, and I am indeed in it to win it.
  3. This track's been on my mind for the last few weeks. It's absolutely excellent. It invokes thoughts of swimming in a pleasant pool of musical vibrations. It hasn't hesitated to put me in a pleasant mood, even with the "drowning" in the middle. Speaking of the drowning, I found that pretty innovative, too. Very nice indeed.
  4. Hmm.. I like how it pays homage to Emerald Hill in the beginning, and it has a nice sound to it, but I don't think it quite fits the bill for a Sonic track, personally. I feel that tracks from this era tend to have a more focused melodic line than this one does. I'm also a little confused by the title, too. I was expecting a sound that implied "lava" more than this track does. Just my two cents. (Sorry if I seem a little snobby; I've been playing Sonic games all my life, and the music from them is part of the reason I got inspired to become a musician in the first place.)
  5. Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. Glad to hear that you'd donate, too.
  6. Thanks, man! If I end up doing the rapping for this track, I'll be sure to try those tips. Also, I'm using a copy of Logic Express on a Macbook. I can use Garageband, too, and I also have a copy of Cubase Studio 4.
  7. I say that sounds awesome! I loved the demo that you linked to. Sounds excellent! I'm still up for getting someone to help with the lyrics (and perhaps do the rapping on the track), but I definitely think the two of us can cover the music. I really like that style of yours. It reminds me a little bot of Mushroom Madness, which is on OCR. You should check it out. So, I've never done a collaboration before; how should we go about this?
  8. Thank the heavens. I thought I was the only one in the world that liked Sonic Shuffle. Power Stone and Jet Set ftw, definitely.
  9. So.. I want to do a hip-hop remix of Music Plant Zone (Act 2) from Sonic Advance 2. Sorry if that introduction was (and the rest of this post is) kind of fail, but eloquence escapes me at the moment. I came up with the idea for the mix a little while ago, when I was trying to start on a collaborative album project that I wanted to title "Songs about Video Games," but my collaborators weren't really passionate enough about it to make it happen. So far, the only fruits of my labor are about a verse and a quarter of lyrics, an instrumentation idea, and a small structural modification. I think that I'm capable, hypothetically, of making the mix myself.. but, so far, I've had no luck. I'm thinking, at this point, that if I don't get help.. the mix will never be completed. Which would be sad. So, here's an example of my work: Slide20xl.bandcamp.com (Comments on my thread in WIP:O are appreciated) Here's an example of my rapping/writing skills (I don't think this track is great, but a few of my friends seem to love it. I made it for a songwriting competition. Also, I did not master it): http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2375786/Mp3s/The%20Conflict%20%28You%27re%20just%20not%20black%20enough%29.mp3 Here's some gameplay (from act 1), in case you aren't familiar with the level: Here's an (incredibly rough) example of me rapping over the original chiptune track with the lyrics I have so far: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2375786/Music%20Plant.mp3 Here's a (similarly rough) example of the same, over some light experimentation with instrumentation. I was thinking that the music would have a heavier "electronic" sound to it. Also, it contains that small structural modification: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2375786/MusicPlant%28ex%29.mp3 And the lyrics are below. Before someone points it out, yes I stole "mazes and phases" from "Niggaz 4 Life," because I was obsessively playing that remix at the time, and I thought it fit. (I highly recommend that mix, too. It's good). As you can probably tell from the material I've posted, the mix is mostly theoretical at this point. (I've no idea what to do with the huge, gaping spaces in it. Particularly the one between the verses). I think it has potential, though, and I'm looking for any one person (or multiple people) that can help bring it to life. I'm pretty set on many of the lyrics (especially the bit that Sonic repeats, and the line "they said we couldn't rap to music plant"), and I'd like to keep the tempo up to about where it is (since, you know. Sonic's fast. and stuff), but I'm open to any suggestions of lyrical modification, having someone else do the rapping, changing the musical style, etc etc. I'd just like this to get made, and I'd like to have something to do with it. (I'd like it to be OcRemix quality, too, of course). Thanks for reading this wall of text, and let me know what you think. -- Lyrics [bracketed lyrics are backup vocals because there was no space for breathing if they were part of the main line] (Parenthetical lyrics are possible modifications) ~The lyrics at the end weren't included in the demo because I didn't want to cut off in the middle of a line~ -- They said we couldn't rap to music plant but I got a fact for their faces my pen races these pages mazes and phases and fills these spaces of poetry and knowing me I am not gonna cease, or at least I won't stop the beats until I'm dead and deceased until I'm gone, [gone] music is goin on, and flowin' strong in the song, [song] use it to go along and rally on keep it goin' goin' keep goin' goin' until I'm at the top and no I know I'm not gonna stop [i know I'm not gonna stop] [stop] Toppin' the competition is my mission I'm in here wishin dissin' fierce and attrition isn't in my volition, but, though I know I can flow and go in over the top, I know it's overconfident but I know I was meant to rock (I know I'm made of confidence?) feet gracin' and racin' pacin over pianos death defyin' flyin' the sky and high in this merry go round [round], boundin' off sound [sound] It's so chronic indeed, [deed] I will exceed can't stop my Sonic speed Knock knock, it's Knuckles. on the grind and in the skies you know that I know I'm ready to glide I got the spirit inside I got my lyrics on deck If Robotnik sees me, he better show some respect because I'm too tough, I'm rough enough, yup you know it brother sho' nuff, I don't bluff, and I never sta-sta- stutter my rhymes are like butter they're flown' too smooth and I dominate the other brothers ~contemplate the other mothers, when they see me flyin' high skyin' by I~ --
  10. Greetings! To give a bit of an introduction: I'm a long time listener and first time poster with a love of all things video game (and OcRemix, to tell you the truth). I'm pretty sure i've been listening for the last 4 or 5 years (no idea how I found the site in the first place, though), and I'm hoping to actually get something submitted at some point.. though I've no experience remixing anything. Anyway, the following address will direct you to a little album effort of mine, the "demo disc." It's just a (remastered) collection of what I've been working on over the years, and demonstrates one aspect of my compositional ability. I've also got a skill for writing classical music (for piano especially), rapping, and lyricism in general I suppose. I mention this on the little album description, too. I hope you'll listen and tell me what you think. [Edit: And the album is free! So don't be intimidated by that "Buy Now" button. Donate if the winds of generosity are blowing your way when you listen. And let me know if you donate, too, so I can give you a personal thanks] I'm also dying to collaborate with someone on something, too.. so let me know if you're interested and we'll talk. The url: http://Slide20xl.bandcamp.com
  11. I thought that was pretty fantastic. Downloading and emailing you about downloading the tape.
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