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  1. I was wondering how you guys create SFX. Is it all mainly synth sfx and recorded sfx?
  2. I'm going to be recording my friend's band in about two weeks. I'm still a huge noob at recording and everything (they know this) and so I was wondering if any of you guys had any general advice for me I guess more specifically I'm asking what a noob like me should pay particular attention to and things that maybe I should most definitely avoid. I will be using my mbox 2 and have various condenser mics and sm57/58s at my disposal. They're planning on having me record two guitars and vocals. Bass and drums will be programmed. (Right now I am planning on getting ahold of the parts so I can sequence and somewhat mix them so the recording process is a bit easier) Any tips?
  3. Thanks for all the input guys! Yea I guess I just wanted to try out mixing in Pro Tools for the plugins (I haven't actually tried yet). It does seem like quite a hassle having to export/import again every time I want to make an edit..
  4. So I have a quick question.. I recently got a copy of Pro Tools LE from the interface I bought and I've been wanting to experiment with it. However I quickly saw that MIDI functionality was really crappy on Pro Tools. What I'm trying to do now is sequence my midi in Cubase, export each individual track as audio, and import into Pro Tools to mix. I am using Kontakt 4 right now with the midi tracks. Here are my questions: 1. Since I'm mixing in Pro Tools, I should turn off reverb and any other effects preset in the Kontakt 4 instruments right? I should then apply reverb/effects on the audio track later in Pro Tools? 2. Before I export the individual audio tracks from Cubase, should I change the levels to get the loudest waveform possible without clipping? I'm not sure about this at all.. Should I maximize the volume in Kontakt (while in Cubase) and then mix in Pro Tools, or should I increase the levels of default volume Kontakt audio tracks (generated in Cubase) while in Pro Tools? I might have some big misconceptions here.. so I'd really appreciate it if someone could help educate me
  5. I've read that the pre-amps on the Fast Track Pro are pretty terrible.
  6. Sorry to bump this but I think I've found the answer to most of my questions though I just thought of another that I haven't been able to find an answer to. I was planning on getting the MBOX2 Mini but then I realized it didn't have MIDI input and outputs. I do have a MIDI keyboard. Should I find an interface that does have midi in/out? Will it have a big impact?
  7. Well right now I would imagine two inputs being enough. I'm not sure how many outputs I need.. I don't have monitors or anything yet.. just plain computer speakers. I have a Laptop (quad core, 6gb ram, 5400 rpm hard drive) with USB. And budget.. I am looking for something around $100-300 but I am more so concerned with getting the most out of my money so I might consider something outside of that price range. In the future I hope to record drums. Should I settle now for an interface with fewer inputs and upgrade in the future, or should I buy a more expensive one now? I should probably get monitors too... [edit - update] soo I think I am going to get a Digidesign MBOX2 mini for an interface and the AT2021+AT2020 condenser mic package. Might through in a SM57 there too maybe. Does anybody have any better suggestions? I'm looking at about the price range of $300-400 for total expenditures
  8. Not to steal your topic haha.. but I've been looking to get some hardware for Christmas Right now I have Reason 5, Cubase, and Kontakt on my computer. I also have an electric violin. What would you guys recommend me to get hardware wise? I was thinking maybe an interface and a mic to mess with. What interfaces are good.. more specifically what should I be looking for and at what cost?
  9. I was wondering if any of you knew how to sequence guitar tremolo's somewhat realistically? Yeah I'm really not sure how Heres an example of the type of sound I kind of want in the tremolo. 2:55 in the video:
  10. oh ok thanks. Yeah i'm pretty sure the website messed up my transaction even though money was taken from my account. Oh well I might as well pay again.. pretty cheap. Lol it was taking so long i thought they were shipping
  11. so i ordered this about a week ago but i think the form messed up.. how long has it taken you guys to receive it?
  12. Infinite Undiscovery had a pretty bad ending.. I kind of got my closure.. but not really and it was just a shitty way to end the game. Especially the last scene where you find out Capell isn't dead after all.
  13. I am using onboard sound. The strange thing is that when I use ASIO Direct X Full Duplex Driver, I get 46 ms latency. (I still haven't gotten ASIO4All to work) When I use DX Primary Sound Driver, the latency is 92 ms. Whenever I play on the keyboard along with music, there is a very obvious delay when I am using ASIO Direct X Duplex (46 ms) but there is a very very small delay when I use the DX Primary Sound Driver (92 ms). I'm pretty confused about it.. but latency doesn't seem to be too large of an issue. I guess if problem gets worse I should use an interface?
  14. Very true. Assuming I won't completely beat my axiom to death, what kind of stuff would you guys recommend to have a stable and good set-up. I don't know much about setting up live
  15. Hey thanks guys! So.. it IS ok to run a line out from my speaker input... into a 1/4 adapter and into my amp right? It still sound fine whenever I do that I think
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