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  1. This is pretty much what I was going to say. I haven't played move or kinect, but why would I? The only currentgen console I have is the Wii and I don't play it. I play my DS a lot more as well, and yeah, it's not even close to an every day thing. More like every three weeks. I'd probably use it a lot more if it were a DS lite and not a DSi though. This whole line of discussion makes me wonder if maybe I'm just done with console gaming. Pretty hilarious considering how many times I've heard people (read: fans of MS/Sony and the occasional spokesperson) claiming that the Wii was just a gimmick, especially a few years ago when the console wars were in full swing. Yet now, both competitors would release an imitation and, I assume, want consumers to think that it's not a gimmick anymore. Which brings me to: Well, I would say the Wii was profitable not because it was considered new and innovative, but because it actually was new and innovative. And I also wouldn't say the fad is dying down, because we don't really know if motion-based gaming is a fad or a permanent thing at this point. Aside from those word choices, I think you're exactly right. My version of things goes something like: Nintendo anticipated high demand for motion-based gaming and that Microsoft and Sony didn't. The technology is simple enough that any of them could have implemented it, and the only reason not to was that they thought it would be a waste of money. So Nintendo launches the Wii, it's immediately sold out, and over the next three years it becomes the best-selling console ever with several of the best-selling games ever. MS and Sony think, "Hey maybe we should have done that." So last year, amidst high Wii sales (and before their peak in December), Sony and MS announce their entry into the market for motion-based games. Now there's a global recession and game sales have been down for seven months by the time these new products hit the market. I think they're probably totally boned, and I expect many consumers to say "Hey, didn't I buy one of these three years ago?" So it fits the definition of a red market for sure, but that's not really a term I knew before reading your post and the wiki page. It's also worth pointing out that the Wii has been cheaper than the 360 and PS3 this whole time afaik. What this means for MS and Sony is that anyone interested in arm waving and whatnot over the past few years probably already bought a wii, regardless of whether or not they had the other consoles (since obv Kinect and Move didn't exist). If you were buying your first console today and cared about arm waving, you would probably buy a Wii, which pioneered the feature, has the most games that use it, and remains the cheapest option. This is significant. It leads me to believe the Kinect and Move would mostly be sold to people who already have a 360/PS3 but who had little interest in arm waving before now. And to people who buy everything. So: MS and Sony might be able to get more money from some of their current customers, but attract few new customers. This is a simplification though, because personal preference plays a large role in the console market and because the Wii, Kinect, and Move really aren't the same. ALSO: I wonder if this will lead to more cross-platform games? It would also be worth looking at the effect THAT would have, but I've embarrassed myself enough with this monsterpost. EDIT: It also just occurred to me that there are a great many Wiimote hacks and that there will probably be a surge of hacks for Move in particular, especially after the price goes down.
  2. Oh cool, I will totally play on this server. I never got around to TF2, but I played the hell out of both CS's. Time to go install Windows I guess. Why's that?
  3. I've been doing a lot of research into buying an ebook reader, but I haven't yet. I have mostly pdf (and txt of a lot of Project Gutenberg stuff), and apparently the Kindle has limitations on its ability to handle pdfs of any sort. It used to not view them at all, and now it can view them but can't zoom and reflow the text, which results in an 8 1/2" by 11" pdf page being somewhat of a pain in the ass to read due to having to scroll on every line.This makes it bad for technical documents or textbooks, and it's grayscale anyway. Some other pdfs of plain novels or what have you will be easily viewable, and there are programs available to rewrite pdfs for the kindle's 6 inch screen. Of course, any 6" ebook reader could use these (because it's not the pdf converter; that's different), and would probably benefit from it. But I haven't seen videos of most other ebook readers opening pdfs. I'd really like one that can read larger pdfs, and even in full color. But they're just not there yet. The larger ebook readers could probably do a good enough job on most pdfs unless a lot of color was needed (for a chart or some such thing). But the bottom line is that I suspect a netbook is the way to go if you want to read pdfs perfectly. But if you had a pdf of some old book with few illustrations and small page sizes (to suit the six inch screen), or if you're willing to format the slightly larger ones to fit better, then you can probably read it comfortably on any 6 inch reader that can open the pdfs. For large technical pdfs with lots of images (again, like a textbook), you're probably out of luck with a 6 inch reader due to all the scrolling you'd have to deal with. That's pretty much where I am but I would not mind hearing testimonials about ebook readers reading pdfs of any size. And plenty of readers read the other open formats that are text only, like epub. The Sony readers are actually pretty good about that.
  4. I just stumbled across this thread because I was searching the site about the legality of posting (on a personal website, not for public performance, etc.) transcriptions of other stuff. But I can take transcription requests and would actually enjoy transcribing some OCReMixes. So if there's still interest, I'll get to work and do a few of these this summer.
  5. Someone told me about it in the AOL Games Nintendo chat back in December of 1688, and I downloaded music on dial-up for a few months before joining the forums. They were my first experience with forums actually.
  6. You're a great guy who's great at saxophone and you're gonna do great. It's a shame I'm nowhere near you and have all my finals (including my own jury!) Monday through Wednesday, or I'd be all over that recital. I guess I'll settle for the CD.
  7. Two someone's already said what I was going to say! And lol 2 all the people who say "I'm glad (insert other genre of popular music) doesn't use the same four chords over and over!"
  8. Yeah. The word tasteless has no meaning to me.
  9. Most people don't sample something if they think it sounds bad, so it being a compliment makes more sense to me.
  10. What Child Is This is set to Greensleeves. You usually sing What Child Is This with the usual lyrics about Jesus, and you could also do an instrumental version of What Child Is This, except that already exists and is called Greensleeves.
  11. No worries. I enjoy finding these things too, so I'm glad you pointed it out.
  12. Well let's see, they're both in this 16th and dotted 8th rhythm at different tempos. They're both in C major too, but that's actually to be expected. Also they're an octave apart. Kirby victory: G F E D E C C8 LG Commercial: G E F D E C C8 So it's basically the Kirby music slower and lower with two notes switched. I don't think this is on purpose though. There's only so much you can do with 5 notes in C major.
  13. Wow, this thing is amazing. You've really outdone yourself this time, djp+India. I mean, not only does it allow endless customization of the industry's most notable tracks, but it opens music creation up to the masses. No longer do you have to be a rich guy with a bunch of production equipment and careful study if you want to create music. Hell, you don't even need to be a rich guy with an instrument and lessons (cya Beethoven). You just need to be a rich guy with a browser and some speakers. This is one of the greatest humanitarian efforts in history. Now for some ideas on ways to improve. It's very good already, maybe the best thing ever, but there are always things to do: 1) The selection is a little paltry. Now, I know DS and others have said that more tracks are forthcoming. I'm not angry, and I'm not going to hit you, I promise, but this is our biggest concern right now. There's only one Chrono Trigger track. Now once again, you've done a man's work -- all of you. I know this must be a difficult and time consuming process, but we really need the rest of the Chrono Trigger soundtrack to be included. This isn't for my personal tastes, or even for the children. It's simply the most popular one, and I'm watching out for OCR's market penetration. And believe me, coming from someone who has taken nearly 5 economics classes, if you want your ASS to get the most penetration, you need more Chrono Trigger, first and foremost. In fact, if my math is right, you don't need anything else. 2) Now, the genre and effects settings have some minor problems too. I'm worried that all these extra bells and whistles are just going to confuse the regular jackoffs (or even the seasoned ReMixing experts; adjusting to technological advancements isn't easy) who want to use the Remixanator. For example, there are all these effects and instrumentation options, and that's cool. But the only logical choice is to MAX IT OUT with all of them. More is better, we all know that. No one likes minimalism. And speaking of genres that no one likes, I think there are too many genres in the ReMixanator. You've got electronica, duh. Obviously, right? But what's this other stuff and who would ever use all that? I guess a few people here and there might, and it's good to include these superfluous genres as a sort of intellectual exercise, but they have little practical value for music creation. imo 3) ReMixanator can only be accessed from the main page. I don't know if this is something anyone has ever considered because (and I'll be the first to admit it) it's a pretty "out there" idea :wink: , but I'm browsing the forums, which I try to spend at least 4 hours a day reading, in crisp 1080p. I've got all this real estate to the left and right of what I'm reading and it's just going to waste. This is a confusing, string theory level topic, but I know some of the OCR community use computers and can catch what I'm spitting. Some of you have probably already figured out where I'm going with this, but what if we were to implement some sort of forum sidebar? That way, we could have the forums AND ReMixanator in the same Internet Explorer viewing window. Obviously, this'll take some doing, but here's what I envision: You've got your forum posts, your signatures, avatars, user titles, first and last names, thread titles, etc etc. Everything you see in the forums right now. Now, cram all that into a column on the side of the screen. That would be the sidebar. Of course, the remaining space would be used for the ReMixanator. That way, you can use the ReMixanator while viewing any thread. Pretty good, huh? Anyway, and I'm very grateful to all concerned. And thanks for reading! EDIT: And if I have seen far, it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants!
  14. So, I just read your comment on the FFX challenge page. A fellow FFT music fan, eh? There are so few of us. :-D

  15. The XLR to 1/4" cable does not work with the microphone. Should I get a preamp of some kind, or something like this thing? http://www.amazon.com/Behringer-PS400-Ultra-Compact-Phantom-Supply/dp/B000FG795I
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