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  1. Song title: " "Composer: Johnathan Johnson / ProjectTrinity Album: None Goal: To gain subscribers/fans~ =p Critique is always welcomed, but if you do, please note that I know next to nothing about music theory or any other technical thing; I compose music that sounds good to my ear. No training or special phrases under my belt. :"3;
  2. This was beautifully made. The only (subjective(?)) critique I have would be having the scat singer be a little louder (well, maybe the whole song being a bit louder. =p), and maybe even a part where a sax could just let loose for a whole verse. :'> That said, it saddens me that no one bothered to comment here yet. D':
  3. Many thanks! And yeah, the guitar is FL Slayer. I'm currently trying to find better instruments, especially for string/guitar instruments. ~_~
  4. Hello all! The Perjurer is a 6 episode series complete with original art, voice actors, plot, and music. And since I'm one of the composers, I thought I'd share one of my most ambitious works for the series. Please critique and comment. :'3
  5. Hello everyone! I'm ProjectTrinity. The guy in charge of a small-ish group of composers/singers/writers/ect. Basically, we do loads of projects like The Perjurer, Al'asuiaga'ta, and soundtracks. Since I'm a composer, I thought I could learn a thing or two from fellow composers here. :'3 I'll be hosting my works once I get used to the site, so until then, I hope I stay out of trouble~
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