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  1. I wonder what kept him away for so long. Force of Light by him and SGX is one of my top OCRemixes. This one is a pleasant return, it's partway between electro house and trance but manages not to be a boring middle of the road trouse cashin as it actually satisfies most of the requirements of both genres rather than neither. I think it might be a bit on the long side for the progression it's got but I like it!
  2. This is a song I remixed for a friend on Youtube. - It's a vocal breakbeat track, and adds some trancey atmos to the synthpop of the original. Here's the artwork that goes with it:
  3. Hi all on the OCR forums, I haven't posted on this forum for a long time but I'm back because a) I like to hear new music and I need a little feedback on my own stuff. This is something I've been working on for a while. This is an instrumental for a remix I'm doing, taking a dance pop style track and turning it into a trancey but funky breakbeat track. I've been putting a lot of work into the drums in particular and I'd like to know how they sound to you guys. This is the link to my remix This is the link to the original song.
  4. This sounds pretty good, like most of the sounds, the progression and melodies, and the drums sound very clear and well used. I do wonder about one of the melodies hiding away in the background for most of the song though - when it first came in I wondered if it was slightly off key and although it seems to make more sense as it goes on I wonder if it's necessary. I'm talking about the one that fades in around 1.03 before the xylophone-like melody joins it. Is it there to provide a contrast to the lead? That's very nitpicky of me though, otherwise this is great!
  5. Usually electro refers to obviously analogue or subtractive sounding synth sounds, and electro house in particular rarely strays above 130bpm (although I have heard some that does) so I'd categorise this as closer to trance than electro house, if that's what you meant. Also, I'd personally say that the drums aren't too loud, quite the opposite in fact. If you're not going for the full club sound, then they're fine, but compare this even to older trance or house tracks and the kick is hiding away a little, the hi hats are very quiet and only the clap/snare is really at the level I'd expect, and even that only seems like that in the section from 0.56 to 1.18. In the "choruses" it's gone quieter again. I really like this tune though. Are you using the full Alchemy, or Alchemy player for these sounds?
  6. Is that clipping really heavily in the choruses? It's losing all it's clarity at those points as it just fuzzes up. The stereo spreading of the hats is quite nice and the groove is interesting but it's just such a rough mix. Also I'm not sure it can be called House if it's not got a 4x4 kick drum as its foundation (if you'll allow me to be pedantic)!
  7. This is my first try at Progressive breaks. I think the sound may have evolved away from the progressive style as I was building it up though! I decided to change the second drop over to 4/4 as well, and I think the bassline slotted into that rhythm quite well. This is also the first time I've linked on this forum. I only make songs for fun, and I've been a big fan of some of the posted artists on OCR for ages so with the size of this community I'd be interested in seeing a few thoughts as to how I can improve this, or more generally.