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  1. In response to your Audiobook post, I am a composer looking for any experience I could get. I wouldn't need payment, though if you couldn't bare to take something for free I may humbly accept. I have a vast musical past blah, blah, blah... I can tell you more if you're interested or still looking. Thanks anyway, email me at Calum111@hotmail.com for more info! :)

  2. I've been a big fan of OCR and watched/listened to the successes of those involved since it's beginning... So naturally when I'm a part of a project that could use some music I think of you guys first. I am a part of a group of artists over at Scribble Me This (You can check out our shoddy-but-improving website at http://www.scribblemethis.net if you're interested). We're a group banding up to get our names out there and maybe earn a little cash while we do it. More to the point - as a writer I've had an idea I'm putting into a project that I haven't seen done very often, if at all: An audio book with periodically released chapters, similar to a podcast. There are all sorts of periodical media people get interested in with podcasts and webcomics, and I feel this media would be genuinely interesting to a good number of folks. Having listened to professional audio books, I've noticed that it's common practice to have a sort of intro-diddy or theme to ease into the reading of the actual story, and close out the book when it is complete. This is the part I'm looking for help with; I'd like to do the same. The idea is for a single track that would be played in part as an intro and again as a closing to each chapter, something kinda fantasy-ish but still soft enough for a casual listener. I don't -really- have a good grasp on what kind of descriptors an interested composer would need, so feel free to smack me with questions on this. As for compensation, there is a debate on whether or not this sort of an idea would be given freely or sold for something immensely small (any input on that matter would be greatly appreciated. Would you purchase something like this?) and if it does go that route, some sort of royalty deal or something could easily be brokered. If not, I'd love to work out some sort of barter for the work - I don't believe it'd be right just to take for free. Feel free to thump me here by PM, on AIM at LordDemura, or even in the OCR IRC room as ScribbleMeThis. Thanks in advance.
  3. Blind has always been one of my favorite remixers on OCR (White Skies, man) and he's always done great work... But damn. This one nearly made me cry.
  4. The original One-Winged Angel was great, my only complaint was that it got too TOO repeatitive... No such complaint on that here. This is the way the song SHOULD have been in the game. Like... Wow.
  5. DJ Crono (Under his newer moniker) could not have made a comeback in any better way. I am thoroughly impressed and believe that this is indeed his best work to date. I've loved his FF6 piece and hope to see more like this one.
  6. Inspiring. There is little more than can be said about it. The feel and intensity changes with this piece, yet flows together nicely from section to section. Very well done.
  7. This song is definately one of the tops on OCR. The voice was laid out very nicely, and the music blends very well with it. Brilliant arrangement. Very cinematic feel.
  8. Very well done, and though it does not deviate from the original too much - what it DOES do is add a lost of emotional value to the piece. Some diversity was also added, making it very much worth it. Overall, I like it quite a bit.
  9. I believe DjPretzel said it right: This is the way it should have sounded in the game. I enjoyed the subtle changes to the melody of the original them to accommodate the new instruments. The double layering of the theme also worked wonders for the cinimatic value. Truly, this is my favorite mix on this site - and I hope you keep up this quality of work.
  10. I have only recently downloaded this track (within the past hour), and I believe what has become of it on my computer relates to how well it is: I could swear I have listened to it six or seven times already. Excellently done, very cinematic feel. I am a person who likes to visualize things while listening to music, and your remix gives me a lot to look at.
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