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  1. ondellonoya

    Diablo and Lovecraft Inspired

    Cool! Looking forward!
  2. ondellonoya

    Tale of Twin Flame

    Hi! I want to share another music piece of mine, called The Tale of Twin Flame. It's an interpretation of rare romance phenomenon. I hope you guys enjoy it, thanks!
  3. ondellonoya

    Diablo and Lovecraft Inspired

    I just listened to Corrupted Dunes, I can definitely feel the Diablo-ish vibe right there. Very great!
  4. I enjoyed it a lot, nice interpretation!
  5. ondellonoya

    3. completed Redial - Bomberman Hero

    yes, I also noticed something is not right about the outro but never realized it until you mention i.. go a little longer sounds like a good choice and if you want to download it, here's the link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Byt4wkXJlPoJcUpQc05LaDlycUE thanks man, really appreciate it!
  6. ondellonoya

    Khalamith - Dark Souls inspired

    thanks man, I think I'll work more on humanizing the instruments on the next piece! really appreciate it!
  7. Hi, I wanted to share my original tune here. It's actually my interpretation of Kalameet, the one-eyed black dragon from Dark Souls. I hope guys enjoy it!
  8. ondellonoya

    Recent Djent/Metal Music

    wow, I headbanging a lot to your tracks.. and loved your guitar tones man
  9. ondellonoya

    Bomberman Hero Zip trouse remix

    I dig it, it still has the original vibe with more modern sounding. Very nice!
  10. Hello everyone, this is my remix on Redial, a tune from Bomberman Hero. I hope you guys enjoy it & any feedback will be appreciated! REMIX: ORIGINAL:
  11. this one give me chill, amazing!
  12. ondellonoya

    Bomberman - Theme 2

    thanks man, glad you like it!
  13. ondellonoya

    Bomberman - Theme 2

    It's my remix for one of the bomberman's themes, hope you enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/ondellonoya/bomberman-theme-2
  14. ondellonoya

    finished Sparkster Theme

    Finally got time to do interpretation on one of my fav game soundtrack, it's Sparkster The Rocket Knight..! I love the music (the 1st stage, which is turns out to be his main theme) since I was playing it for the first time on Sega Genesis back when am still a kid.. So here you go, and hope you like it..! https://soundcloud.com/ondellonoya/sparkster-the-rocket-knight
  15. Hi everyone, finally I managed to cover one of my fav pokemon tunes, Lavender Town..! I dunno if this is final version, I hope I'll have time to working on this song again.. so what do you think about this song..? thanks so much! http://soundcloud.com/ondellonoya/lavender-town